Wednesday, November 12, 2014

after 10 years i still find it strange

We've had a couple of really windy days. Like 50+ mph winds whipping around, blowing branches off trees, and generally making our neighborhood look like a war zone. 505 and I filled the yard debris bin and two extra bags of stuff that was by the curb. I wanted to get as much of that cleaned up this afternoon because now we're gearing up for snowmageddon 2014 which is slated to hit the area around 1 am. Freezing rain and snow are on the way. Believe it or not, the district called a 2 hour delay for tomorrow at approximately 4:00 this afternoon. Made me laugh.

But here's the deal, the thing I completely don't understand. Most of the Portland area is very into the environment. Recycling. Granola. Plant a tree. Socks with sandals. Don't flush your old meds down the toilet. That sort of thing. And I just saw on the news how street crews are spraying an anti-icer. A chemical. They won't use salt, which is mined from the earth. No, they use a chemical. A chemical that will run into the rivers and kill the salmon they try so hard to save. That blows my mind every time.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

day 22

Topic 22 - it's been raining all day

I woke up to rain.

There weren't any sub jobs today. I kind of figured there wouldn't be any because it was a 2 hour early release day. Parent-teacher conferences are today, tomorrow, and Friday. So I get a nice long unpaid weekend.

This morning I got to talk to one of my college professors from Tennessee Temple University, Dr. Connie Pearson. She's now the dean of Liberty University's online program and she was kind of walking me through what my options would be if I decided to jump through the hoops the state of Washington has laid before me.

Basically, I have two options in the online master's program. The first would be a master's of arts in teaching. This is essentially the program they have for people who have a bachelor's degree in something other than education and want to get certified to teach. It's 36 credit hours. Going this route would require me to retake statistics (do you know how much I hated that class?) and do my student teaching all over again. It also has what are called three intensives, three classes, each a week long, that I would have to take on campus in Virginia. Ugh.

The second option would be getting a master's of education. This is geared for people who already have teaching certification and are going for something more specific. From what I can tell from their website, this option does not have intensives. It's a 36 credit hour program plus a 3 hour practicum.

I'd obviously rather go for the second option, but I have no idea what the powers that be in Olympia are going to say. . . if they'll even let me just go for a master's.

When I asked about transferring credits from TTU to get a second bachelor's degree, she didn't think that was going to work because it's been too long since I've graduated. That is not going to be good if OSPI says I have to actually get a second bachelor's instead of a master's.

To be honest, I got off the phone feeling like a sinking ship.

I have questions to ask OSPI. And I'm dreading making that phone call. It's all so ridiculous. I've taken and passed the National Teacher's Exam, the Praxis II exam, the WEST-B exam, and I have almost 15 years of teaching experience with good reviews and tons of recommendations and references. Pray that they'll be ok with option 2. I need some good news.

In case you were wondering, it's still raining.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

day 21

Topic 21 - thoughts on pumpkin carving and whatnot

So I've always wondered how people carve those cool pumpkins. I mean, I've barely managed to cut triangle eyes and a zig-zag mouth on ones I've done in the past. So tonight I watched how it was done on youtube. Apparently I need a pumpkin carving kit and a template to trace. Who knew?

I talked to my grandma on the phone today. Besides the fact that she forgot Chris was my brother, we had a really nice long chat.

My afternoon sub job was cancelled about 9:30 this morning. It actually ended up being a good thing because I was able to take a full day job starting at 10:30 and got paid for a full day even though I didn't start at 7:50.

Today I ate a lot of vegetables. And guacamole. Oh, and a little bit of ice cream.

Maybe the carpet will be completely dry tomorrow and we can get all the stuff that's in the dining room back to its original location.

I have two movie tickets that I've been holding on to for a while. I kind of want to see Gone Girl. I read the book and even though I hated the ending, I thought it might be a good one to see on the big screen. But I'm not sure. I hate wasting perfectly good tickets on something that I might be disappointed in when it's all over. What movies have you guys seen recently?

It's hot tea season around here. And that always makes me want to bake.

Thursday and Friday are parent teacher conference days so I won't be working. Guess it'll just be me and Wilson hanging out, watching you tube videos on pumpkin carving.

Monday, October 20, 2014

day 20

Topic 20: the current currents

hoping that my calendar fills up with easy sub jobs.
listening to The Voice and the rain.
eating (tomorrow morning) apple cinnamon steel cut oats, minus the flax seed. Another crockpot recipe. It already smells amazing and I just turned it on.
drinking diet coke. should be water at this point.
procrastinating on finishing up my quilt square. Cross-stitching piano keys is taking a lot longer than I thought.
smelling freshly cleaned carpets. I'm embarrassed to say they hadn't been cleaned since we moved in. It was way beyond time. And they look a thousand times better than when I left this morning.
trying new recipes. The Olive Garden pasta e. fagioli copy cat soup recipe was a big success, although it does have two cans of beans in it and I'm usually a one can of beans per soup kinda gal. 
organizing our next couple of ladies' events at church. . . our favorite things party and our Christmas luncheon - Winter Wonderland.
enjoying Asian chicken wraps from Costco. Totally would buy those again.
laughing at my parents and their lunch at Panera Bread today :)   Dad, next time go for the bacon turkey bravo on tomato basil bread and the Asian chicken salad. Trust me on this.
crying over this video. Seriously, get the tissues ready. All life is precious.
loving fall. The colors. The flavors. The change in seasons.
reading this book. A lot of sad stories about kids. A lot of interesting things about brain development. It was recommended last year at one of our staff meetings by our principal.
needing a new hand mixer. Mine died.
making nothing. . . except ideas in my mind of things I see on pinterest of what I'd like to make.
planning our trunk for Trunk or Treat. Think Frozen in pumpkin form.
thinking about Darick. It was a rough day for him.
craving a pumpkin milkshake from Burgerville. 'Tis the season.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Day 19

Topic 19 - SUNday

Days like today are why I love October. The sun was shining. The sky had soft whispy clouds. The weather was absolutely beautiful. We couldn't just stay in and watch football all day. I mean, look at those sad puppy dog eyes. So after lunch we loaded up and headed to the waterfront.
We took a nice long walk and sat on a bench and watched the sailboats go by.
Believe it or not, this was the only tree I saw along our walk that was really changing. And it was a pretty one.
Golden autumn days. Enjoy them while you can.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

day 18 - part B

Topic 18 - I'm usually not one for political campaigns

I have been waiting for an opportunity to get Wilson's picture next to one of these signs for months. Wilson. . .for State Representative, 17th District. Go vote. Your voice matters!

day 18 (ya, i missed a couple)

Topic 17 - Show us what's on your bookshelves

I've been wanting to do this one for a few days, but I wasn't about to take pictures of dusty bookshelves. So today I got out the Swiffer cloths, straightened stuff up, and here you go. Our bookshelves. Well, minus the small one in the kitchen that has my cookbooks and a bunch of other randomness.

First up: the master bedroom bookshelf. It was handmade by the husband of one of my mom's dearest friends, as was the one in the guest room you'll see in a bit. They were the first pieces of furniture I bought for my first apartment. This one is tucked into a corner by the window and it holds a lot of sentimental and personal things. 
Like, the very first picture of us together (middle) and a glass rose which needs some glue that Phil505 brought me the very first time he came to visit and a Willow Tree couple figurine which I got for Valentine's Day.
The cards we sent each other before we got married, and all the subsequent birthday, anniversary, Easter, Kwanzaa, etc. all tucked inside the same thing our wedding cards were placed in (a planter box, actually). Sea shells from the beaches we went to in Florida on our honeymoon. A bag of buttons.
All the journals I've ever written in. Well, except one. I burned that one. But we won't go there. The purple one is a journal of letters I wrote to Phil. I started it before we were married. And I need to write a new one. It's been a long time.
Our ring bearer pillow and guest book that's starting to yellow :(     And a cedar chest that my Uncle Robert made me as a college graduation present. Among other things, it holds my Sparks vest from Awana.
A bunch of Bibles. My Martha Stewart Keepsake Wedding Planner, a red binder full of places to see in Florida that Phil had ready for our honeymoon, and a white folder with printed copies of the very first messages and emails we sent to each other. I'd really like to get those made into a book someday.
Now we move from sappy and sentimental to the man cave. This one came from Ikea and I love it except it collects dog hair like you wouldn't believe. All but one little cubby on this shelf was planned by the man of the house. Since I usually dust, I take liberties to move stuff around and make it look good.
We have a small, but growing, collection of ball caps. Ohio is well represented. He got the football after the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl. I got the clock for him for his birthday last year. This shelf also occasionally doubles as a toolbox.
Here's my Ohio State shelf. Go Bucks! There's room for a cute little Brutus. Hint. Hint.
Phil graduated from Eastern Washington University and we found the Eastern sign at the farmer's market this summer for $5. I love the old picture of him and his brothers. He's got some of his counseling books and a bunch of commentaries and Bible study books that were his dad's.
And finally, the guest bedroom shelf. It's a taller version of the one in our bedroom. It holds a few of my books and my teaching portfolio, but most of the books belong to Phil.
There's also a basket that holds water color supplies, a cool rustic vase I got for a bridal shower gift, and a picture of his parents. We got that ornament at Buchart Gardens this summer. I put it there because all the Christmas stuff is in the attic in the garage.
And since the dog crate is in this room, we also keep a small dish of Scooby Snacks :)
Now you know what my bookshelves look like. I feel like I've bared part of my soul.