Friday, April 11, 2014

spring break list of things to do: take wilson to see dr. allyson

This is my dog at the vet's office yesterday.
This is my dog at the vet's office yesterday after he'd had his temperature taken.
If looks could kill. . . 

Friday, April 4, 2014


Spring break has finally arrived. The teachers were happy today. The kids were happy today. Even Flo the therapy dog was happy today. There were reward parties, homemade salsa in the teacher's lounge, and rootbeer floats in Mr. Avery's room. The sun was shining, the weatherman says we're going to have a fantastic week, and now we're done for a bit. Hallelujah.

I'm planning a pretty low key break. Well, low key as in we're not going anywhere tropical. I have big plans for the scrapbook room/office which includes taking everything out of the room, purging, painting, putting together some Ikea Expedit shelves, and finally getting that room organized. I should also deep clean my kitchen and finish up some trim work in the other rooms I've updated and have yet to share. Then there's yard work and a trip to the vet and I need to squeeze in some exercise.

Thank you for asking. The exercise challenge is going well. I took a picture of my desk calendar (please ignore the coffee spills) where I've been keeping track of my minutes. Fridays tend to be lazy days, but that's ok. Nothing says, "get off your butt and do something" quite like your minutes posted in an excel spreadsheet  for fellow staff members to see. Accountability is motivating, people.
Week 1 - 140 minutes
Week 2 - 210 minutes
Week 3 - 120 minutes
Week 4 - 195 minutes
Week 5 - 190 minutes
A weekend or so we went over to Portland for something at the Expo Center. It was the wrong weekend, but at least we had a nice view of the mountain. And we stopped at Ross where I found a super cute new purse. I'd say it was a win-win afternoon.
I am super excited that we are planning a trip to Victoria, B.C. for our 10th anniversary. It will include an overnight in Seattle where we're going to see the Indians play the Mariners. Go Tribe! It will also include a ferry ride to Canada with our soon to be purchased enhanced driver's licenses, a visit to the famous Butchart Gardens, and perhaps high tea at the Empress Hotel. We're still debating on that. Everyone I've talked to that's been there says to splurge and do the tea thing. I'm sure I'd love it, Phil505, maybe not so much. If we can work it out, there will be a stop at Hobby Lobby on our way back home because all of our great road trips always end up at some sort of paper store.

Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

spring in berglandia


For those of you still getting snow. . . There is a light at the end of the snow tunnel. These pictures were taken two weeks ago.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

tulips in a rootbeer mug. and other stuff.

Ahhh, blogging. It seems like I have good intentions about blogging. Then I go for days and have nothing blog-worthy to write about. I mean, I could go on and on about the big problem with my WA teaching license not being any good, and how none of my credits are going to transfer, and how one university told me that I'd have to start completely over again as a college freshman, but who wants to hear all that? I get sick just thinking about it. I much prefer to think about rainbows. And ya, I took this picture with my phone while I was driving home. But it was there for a reason, and I needed a reminder at that exact moment that God always keeps His promises. So I took it.
The baby shower I planned and hosted at church was a great success. It's kind of small, but I made the onesie banner and the tissue paper pom poms to decorate above the gift table.
A bunch of tulips from Costco and some wooden blocks made for easy centerpieces.
I made this cute card/tag thing. It's really a card, but I didn't make an envelope to fit it, so I hung it on like a tag.
As much as I hate springing forward and losing that hour of sleep, I have to say that I have totally enjoyed having extra daylight at the end of the day. This little yellow fluffy puppy dog enjoys it too because it means he gets more walks and trips to the dog park. It's good for both of us. And it helps me get my minutes in. We're having a little exercise challenge at school. It's a friendly competition to get in some workouts. I've been walking, ellyptical-ing, and kettle bell-ing. Last week I logged 210 minutes. Go me.
Speaking of school, on Friday we had an assembly with Reptile Man. Oh ya, funniest assembly ever. The kids were a riot. I got in the gym just in time to see the gigantic snapping turtle, but I wanted to leave when he and about 8 kids pulled out the 100+ pound huge gigantic white snake. I can't remember what kind it was, but he assured us all that it wouldn't bite. Ya, that thing was 8 kids long. Put it back in the Rubbermaid box and lock it down. We saw more snakes and lizards and the alligator peed when he pulled it out of its box. Ya, that got a roar from the crowd. (Poor Ken the custodian. I'm sure cleaning up alligator pee was not in his job description.) I did pet the alligator on my way out the door. I can cross that off my bucket list now. Of course, I would actually have to have a bucket list. And then I'd have to add "pet an alligator" to it, because I'm sure that would never in a million years be on there.

Yesterday I had coffee with my friend Dana (check out her blog here) and got my hair cut and highlighted. Welcome back blonde hair, I've missed you. Tiffany, my hair girl, assured me the highlights would help hide the gray that keep showing up all over my entire head.

I came home one day to these pretty tulips in a rootbeer mug. A surprise from Phil505. Is that cute or what?
Spring arrives officially this week and I am so glad! Phil mowed the grass this weekend. It's so green and lush. The frogs are back doing their thing out in the pond. . .our own little private symphony in the front yard. Three more weeks until spring break when the office/scrapbook room gets to undergo its transformation. I cannot wait.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

saying goodbye to an old friend

No, nobody died.

A week or so ago, we decided to put an ad on Craig's List to sell off the first piece of furniture we bought as a couple, our TV armoire.
I loved that thing. I was sentimental about it being the first thing we bought together. We actually got it when I was out here on a visit before we got married. It was a Fred Meyer special. Phil505 put it all together before I became his lawfully wedded wife. It was with us in North Portland at 7945. (Sorry, that was in our pre-digital days, so no photo.)

It got hauled up and down the steps of our first apartment (B-4) in Vancouver.
It lived in the living room of our rental at 8903
and it came with us to our first home here in Berglandia. (No Christmas tree shot, but I am so happy that ugly looking fireplace is no longer so ugly.)
Sneak peek of the new and improved fire place before the walls got painted gray. In case you were wondering, the dog was not included in the sale.
It housed my Christmas CD's, my Susan Powter-stay-in-oxygen step aerobics tapes, and Phil505's Panasonic collection. So much storage.
But, with our recent redo of the family room (aka Phil505's man cave), it was just too big and took up a huge amount of space, and we both knew it needed to go. So to Craig's List we went.

That was after I was nearly killed by the thing hauling it out into the garage. Seriously, I saw my life flash before my eyes.

Do you know how many armoires are currently available on Craig's List? I thought it would never sell and we'd be hauling that baby to Goodwill.

We posted it once and had an inquiry or two, but no takers. We waited a week and posted it again. One lady wanted it for $15 less than our posting price, and we were going to sell it to her just so it wouldn't sit in our garage forever, but she never showed up. Instead, a very nice lady who wanted it for her costume jewelry collection came and got it. She brought her daughter and a little tiny pick up truck and off it went to its new home.

The best part of the whole thing is she didn't bring exact change, and we never carry cash. So we ended up making $5 more than our asking price. We made money. . . and it wasn't even a scam!

Monday, February 24, 2014


- My leg is asleep because my dog is in dreamland on my lap. I think he needs to go on a diet. He's getting awfully heavy.
- The oven is on and still waiting for me to get the banana bread baking.
- There's laundry to be switched over.
- I still think Tanya Harding is guilty of being the mastermind behind the let's-club-Nancy-Kerrigan's-knee incident. It blows my mind that it's been 20 years since that happened. Phil505 said he could take me to one of Tanya's old stomping grounds. Maybe some day I'll run into her at the mall or something.
- I'm making final plans for a baby shower at church on Sunday afternoon. Our youth pastor's wife just had the sweetest, tiniest, cutest little baby boy named Reuben. Is Pinterest coming to my rescue? You'd better believe it.
- I may get more done at night now that the Olympics are over. I love watching them, but they are time suckers. And Dear NBC, next time please show more figure skating and less cross country skiing. And I'd appreciate it if you'd start showing the skating events at 9 instead of 10. Thanks.
- Our 4th Friday Fellowship is spaghetti night, which has transformed into pasta night. So instead of spaghetti, I think I'm making stuffed shells. And some fabulous dessert, because I always sign up for dessert.
- I have not bought a single box of Girl Scout Cookies this year.
- I think I've mentioned this here before, but I am the Queen of Unfinished Projects. And it drives me slightly crazy. But I can't seem to stop.
- Yesterday afternoon I picked up nearly a whole tree in the back yard that blew in during the last wind storm we had. I think every piece of tree debris from the whole neighborhood ended up in our back yard.
- The bulbs are coming up and I have a few crocuses that survived the tree stump grinding blooming. I can't wait for my spring flowers!
- I read a blog post today about two roommates who had an illegal beta fish and a cat in their dorm room. The illegal pets were never discovered. (I want to know where in the heck they put the litter box.) It reminded me of my roommate Melissa and I illegally burning Yankee candles in our dorm room. Seems like the blueberry scent would've given us away, but it never did.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Every once in a while, when we're at the beach, we stop at antique shops. I look for wooden Scrabble tiles and Phil looks for milk glass. We stopped at a big shop in Lincoln City on Sunday afternoon in hopes of scoring something sporty and cool for the new and improved man-cave. We failed at finding the perfect something, but I did spot a few things amid the old junk that cracked me up.

1. The gumball button machines. Who wouldn't love a collection of buttons like this? For a quarter you could get a handful. You could even get a little envelope to take your buttons home in. So thoughtful. What made me laugh was that sign for all the stupid people in the world. . . do not eat. Seriously, are people that ignorant?
2. The framed pilgrim purity collar. If you were a female student at Tennessee Temple University in the early 90's, chances are you owned at least one article of clothing that had a pilgrim purity collar attached to it (or, someone down the hall had something you often borrowed). If you were not a female student at Tennessee Temple University in the early 90's, then chances are this will make absolutely no sense to you. I laughed out loud when I saw this one framed. This is for all my DeMoss Hall (4th East Sigma Delta Rho Eagles) girls.

3. The Tupperware measuring spoons. My Mother has had the green set in her kitchen drawer for as long as I can remember. They're missing the little connector piece, but these are definitely the spoons. Mom, they're antiques. I think it's time to trade them in for something a little more up to date. For the record, these were going for the lowball price of only $12, so it's not like you can take them on Antiques Road Show and expect a couple thousand.

I am sure that now my Mother will put those spoons in my name in her last will and testament.