Thursday, May 12, 2016

state testing is for the birds

So, I started a kind of long-term, well, until the end of the year, sub job on Tuesday. I say kind of because I'm really not supposed to do anything over 20 days in the same position, but this one will probably go over by a few. I'm not in the classroom though. I'm subbing for the literacy facilitator. She is in charge of the school's literacy program (obviously) as well as the supervisor for the paras and she coordinates the building's testing (state and district). That's a pretty big responsibility for anyone, but especially for a sub (who knows very little about technology to begin with).

I had probably six or seven days of training with her, including two actual testing days. Those were fine. My first day on the job I couldn't get the computers to autologin correctly. We finally figured it out, but it was a pain in the neck. I called Harrison over at IT after school and he became my new BFF. Wednesday was pretty much a breeze compared to Tuesday. Everything mostly worked like it was supposed to. Today, all the laptops in a 4th grade classroom lost connection with the state server (or something like that) and all the kids got booted off the test. That is not supposed to happen. I called the District Assessment Office three times. Jenny and Dawn are also my new BFFs. And, lucky me, I got to fill out my first (but not last) Irregularity Report. woot. woot.

Yesterday I got the last of my new books for the first summer term. For the next 8 weeks I get to curl up at night with these bad boys. Say your prayers now, people.
Tomorrow it's supposed to be 90 degrees and that just means all sorts of fun in an old school with no air conditioning. Then it's supposed to rain all weekend. . . which will be good because the grass is already starting to die. But not good because we were really wanting to do yard work and get some mulch before the insanity of my life kicks in to high gear.

Oh, and I looked at the course guide for the technology course and discovered that not only do we have discussion boards (which I hate) but we get to do video discussion boards (which I'm sure I'll hate even more). I do not want video footage of myself talking smack about technology out there on the interwebs. Maybe I'll just have to call my BFF Harrison in IT and get some pointers.

Happy Thursday, and may all your packages from Amazon be more fun than mine were this week.

And yes, in case you were wondering, I am totally procrastinating on finishing up my Lewis and Clark unit plan by writing this post.

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bmarquez said...

I have no words of comfort for your next few months. . . . . . except, let's do coffee sometime!