Wednesday, April 27, 2016

so apparently a boy band stole my blog's name

I noticed tonight that I've had an unusual volume of blog traffic lately. I checked my stat counter to see what in the world people were searching for that landed them here. I mean, I get some people that are checking out stuff I've pinned on pinterest and what not, but it's not that much traffic. Well, the results showed. . . - PART OF MY STORY, yahoo - part of my story, etc., etc., etc. So I googled it and, what do ya know? Part of my Story is not only the name of my most beloved blog, the one I've had since at least 2008, well, it's also now the name of a 12 year old boy band. Probably one that my niece is all googly-eyed over. I don't know if I should be honored that they liked my name so much they stole it or just completely annoyed that they stole it. They're even abbreviating it POMS.

For the record, this is the original part of my story. And don't you forget it.