Wednesday, July 20, 2016


drinking iced tea.
hoping for a break in our current lack-of-work situation soon. Ugh. So frustrating.
feeling like I've been in a funk lately.
listening to Phil on the phone scheduling an interview and the baseball game on TV.
procrastinating on my discussion board assignment that's due tonight. I'm so done with doing school. It's getting harder and harder for me to focus on sitting down and getting stuff done. This is week #3 of 8 in my very last class and I'm lacking serious motivation. 
thanking my professor from my educational technology class for giving me credit for an assignment I uploaded that disappeared. It changed my final grade from a B+ to an A and I am so very happy about that. So is my GPA.
looking forward to my mom, sister, and niece coming out for a visit the week of Thanksgiving. It will be mom's 3rd visit and the 1st time for Jenny and Hannah. Can't wait to do turkey and pumpkin pie at the beach!
praying for renewed hope and jobs.
loving the hydrangeas. I seriously can't get enough of them.
anticipating graduation. I cannot wait to get my diploma and official transcripts in the mail.
listening at night before bed to Beth Moore. I've got the Living Proof Ministries app on my phone and she's got a bunch of videos and podcasts on there. Good stuff.
needing to exercise and get a pedicure.
making dinner in the crock pot. Pot roast to die for. Need to send the hubster to the store for potatoes. And I'm craving watermelon.
ignoring all the stupid political stuff right now. I don't like our options. The hide button on facebook is my friend.
reading not much of anything really. I have some books I want to reserve at the library but haven't done it yet.
wishing for a vacation.
planning some ladies events for church. We're looking at Beth Moore's new study coming out in September on 2 Timothy called Entrusted for our fall Bible study. I'm trying to figure out a date for a women's night of worship, fall festival is coming up, and I've been in the early planning stages for our Christmas luncheon. 
wanting to scrapbook.
thinking about school supplies, hopefully a job situation working out for both of us, and going back to the beach. We were there Saturday for the day for our church camp out. We couldn't go for the whole weekend because the reservations are made really early in the year and it's way too difficult for me to plan anything beyond the upcoming weekend with school stuff. Oh well. It was fun despite all that. It rained in the morning, and then the sun came out and it ended up being a beautiful day.

believing I could've had a totally different career field in something like game show hostess.


bmarquez said...

Hostesses you mean! We're a team!

Oliya said...

How beautiful! I have tried several times to grow the same flower in my dacha, but the climate is not particularly suitable, so I have to read a lot about the conditions galvanized bucket I wish you success in this matter. More than once I will visit your places in the future.

harada57 said...
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