Sunday, August 31, 2008

in honor of back to school week and not having enough time to cook - here's a delightful crockpot recipe for you to try

I call it Pot Roast to Die For. As with all my good teaching ideas, I stole it off the Teacher chatboard on I love coming home to the smell this baby produces when it cooks on low all day long :) I made it last week and I made a mental note to share with all of you faithful blog readers. Sorry, I should've taken a picture.

chuck roast (please don't ask what size! Since it's usually just two of us, I buy one that's packaged at the store and come home and cut it in half to freeze.) I also only use chuck roast because it just falls apart when it's done. Soooooo yummy!
baby carrots
1 pckg. brown gravy mix
1 pckg. dry Italian dressing mix
1 pckg. dry Ranch dressing mix
2 1/2 - 3 cups of water

Whisk the 3 packages of dry seasonings (yes, strange combination, I know. But trust me on this.) with the water. Dump over the roast, carrots & potatoes. Cook on low all day.

*Note - I have a super-duper-hot crockpot. So I put the roast in before I leave for school. Then when Phil gets home around 2, he adds the veggies. This way, they're not all mushy when it's time to eat.

If you have more than two people you're feeding, and you have a gigantic roast, you may want to double up on the 3 packages and the water. When it's done, you'll end up with a thicker broth - not quite gravy, but not real watery either. I have never made a roast any other way since trying this recipe.

Enjoy!!! Let me know if you try it!

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Kellie said...

That recipe looks yummy!! :) How is school going for you? Have you officially started or are you in the "teacher days" now? I can't remember when you said you started. :)