Sunday, February 21, 2016

spring and love and stuff

Here's what's been going on lately. . . 

We went to a Matt Maher concert at the end of January. He has a lot of songs that I love like Lord, I Need You and Because He Lives and Your Grace is Enough and well, I could go on and on. That concert was exactly what we needed at that moment. When he put the guitar down and sat at the piano and played and sang by himself I could hardly hold back the tears. So many confirmations from Scripture and in the lyrics from his songs to put our minds and hearts at rest in what was and is a very stressful time for us.
Valentine's weekend: We finally used the movie tickets I got for my 40th birthday and went to see The Finest Hours. We had a breakfast date and got some good chocolate at Whole Foods. We also used a coupon for a free pay-per-view from Dish and watched Everest. Nothing like climbing the world's tallest mountain and freezing to death.
My little baby daffodils have bloomed and my bigger daffodils will most likely open up within the next day or two. The hyacinths are coming out and the tulips have started popping up out of the ground. I saw on facebook that the cherry trees are blossoming in Portland already. I haven't seen any around here, but I don't think it will be long.
Yesterday I took a break from school and took some time out for me. Met my friend Barbara for coffee, took Wilson for a walk in a new-to-us park, and started cleaning up the flower beds and the yard out back. It was a beautiful day and I needed to do something different for a change. I get to this point at just about this time in every class where I'm just ready to be done. My mind is scienced out and I'm ready to move on, except it's not quite time because I still have a stupid experiment to finish with M&M's! Yesterday's weather was just too gorgeous to sit at the dining room table and answer questions from chapters 1-9.

Three more weeks to go and then I get a week off before my next class starts. Next up is Teaching Reading in the Content Areas. After that I have 3 classes to register for in the summer, graduation to apply for, and a job to hopefully get for the fall.

I've been working pretty much every day with the exception of President's Day. This whole week I'll be in kindergarten and with my friends at Fruit Valley.

I feel all I write about anymore is school and work, but really, that about sums up my life at this point. I mean, I still have a few Christmas things that haven't been put away yet, like my Willow Tree Nativity and a few printables that never got changed to the ones for Valentine's Day. Maybe someday my blog will be exciting again. Until next time.


Luci Smith said...

I can't wait to see what school will be blessed to have you permanent on their staff. You are so amazing at what you do. Thinking and praying for you often friend.

bmarquez said...

Glad to see your blogging again! I've missed it. I was down to checking once a week and this morning. . . . . BAM . . . . . two blogs. You made my day Wendy. Love and prayers!