Sunday, February 28, 2016

happy leap year eve

It's Sunday night. I just submitted my science experiment to Livetext about 20 minutes before the deadline. I know you don't really care, but in case you're wondering, M&M's are not equally represented by color. I counted and tallied and averaged and percentaged (which isn't a real word, but who cares) five bags each of plain and peanut. Green won for the plain and orange won for the peanut. Red was the biggest loser for both varieties. Wilson got a few pieces when I dropped a couple on the floor. Thankfully, he didn't die from chocolate poisoning.
I have two weeks to go and about a million pages to read. I also have chapter assignments for six or so chapters to complete, an integrated unit plan with five lessons to write, an electronic vocabulary notebook to create, and two discussion boards to finish. Then, if I make it and don't die. . . a week of freedom. Hallelujah.

The job search for Phil505 continues.

A current favorite song of mine at the moment is Trust in You by Lauren Daigle. She's coming to Portland in May. I want to go.

We had a visiting couple in church today that just moved here from Washington Court House, Ohio! Larry and I had an instant connection as we talked about wearing Buckeye t-shirts in Duck territory.

We headed across the river yesterday to go dog bed shopping. Wilson needed a new one for the family room and none of the Ross stores on this side had ones that were big enough. Since Phil has been up with me at night, there isn't an extra recliner this spoiled dog can steal and make his very own. So we finally found one at Home Goods that he seemed to like right away.
We also went for a two mile walk along the river. As we were driving to find a place to park, we saw a bald eagle fly by. Then we saw a seal (or maybe it was a sea lion?) out in the river, and we could make out just the tip of Mt. Hood. It was a beautiful night. Today we woke up again to rain. We even had a tiny bit of hail this afternoon.
This week I'll be in kindergarten all five days again. Lord Jesus, help me.

Yesterday I found my elementary music teacher, Miss Susan Peters, on Facebook. I sent her a message and thanked her for her class, one of the highlights of my elementary years. She wrote me back and told me my message made her cry. She's still teaching music. And she has a fluffy yellow dog. And it was pretty cool to reconnect.

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bmarquez said...

I love getting up in the morning- sitting down at the computer with a cup of coffee and finding a nice, newsy blog from you. We don't get to talk much but it makes me feel connected to your life. Who ate the rest of the M&M's ;P