Sunday, January 17, 2016

1st post of twenty sixteen

*I just discovered this post that I didn't quite finish and therefore hadn't published. Here it is anyway.

I'm sure you all thought I've fallen off a cliff somewhere. Nope. Still alive. I've enjoyed a month of no school. That all comes to a screeching halt tomorrow when my 8th of 12 classes starts, Teaching Science in the Elementary School. We are on the downhill slide, people. August 26th can't arrive soon enough.

What did I do over break?
  • Slept a lot. Took naps. Slept some more.
  • Cleaned up after my dog.
  • Scrapbooked a little. I started a December Daily album using photos from 2013. Haven't gotten very far because, apparently, it's more fun to read about what everybody else is doing in their December Dailies than to actually work on mine.

  • Watched a lot of HGTV.
  • Started hanging stuff on the walls in the dining room. Still not finished.
  • Went on a musical date without my husband who stayed home sick. I took my friend Barbara. We stopped for a look at the tree in Portland's living room.

The show was An Appalachian Christmas with Mark O'Connor. Lots of fiddles, guitars, bass, and singing. It was so good I think I'll go again next year and take my husband.

  • Took selfies in front of the tree with my guy.

Happy New Year!

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