Friday, September 25, 2015

earth calling blogland. come in blogland.

Blogland, do you read me? I'd be surprised if you even stopped by here anymore, what with my extremely poor posting practices these days. I still think about blogging. It's the thought that counts, right?

Let's see. Ohio. We hadn't been home in two years, it was time. We went at the end of August. I had to take the obligatory picture of the PDX carpet.  I don't know why. It's just what people do. So I did.
We took a red eye on a Friday night. Landed in Dallas/Ft. Worth. And then on to Cleveland. Because Cleveland rocks. (Note the trendy-Wendy glasses.) May I add, we did not get the seats we chose when we booked our flights. Didn't make me happy, but we survived. barely. And when I say barely, I mean the cotton pickin' seats are so close together it's a wonder my elbow bones didn't permanently end up in my abdomen.
Sun coming up somewhere over Arkansas (I think).
We had a great time, even if I had to do homework at my mom and dad's dining room table every day. We found our fair share of activities. We waited for the new refrigerator to come because mom's died pretty much the day we got there. That was an exciting morning.

We went to see a waterfall. (Who knew, Ohio has waterfalls?) This is Brandywine Falls. Short little family fun hike in.
Photo bombed by Dad and Phil. Note Phil is wearing his Oregon Ducks jacket.

Some of the nephews and a niece. Darick, 17. Hannah, 13. Keegan, 8. Carson, 10. (I think.)
Note the parents are both sporting Ohio State gear. Go Bucks!
We went to the historic Roscoe Village and bummed around (because the canal ride in Canal Fulton was closed.)
We ate at Bob Evans and Perkins and the Lyn Way. I visited with a couple friends (though not nearly as many friends - or even relatives, for that matter - as I wanted to see because of stupid homework). I'd have to say, though, that one of the highlights of the trip was riding in the back of Melissa's convertible with the top down.
We had a girls' day/guys' day. We got pedicures, they went to a baseball game in Cincinnati.
We went to a football game at my old high school so we could watch Hannah march in the marching band. She's got my old flute! The high school band is so small they had to invite the middle school band to join them. Good ol' small town Ohio.
We had a retirement party (travel themed) for my parents.
I made a couple banners out of an old atlas from the Goodwill.
This lady just turned 95 right before we arrived.
Me and my Grandma.
Uncle Terry, Uncle Sam & Aunt Ann.
Me and Keegan.
Mom, Dad, and Uncle Terry.
I went to grandma's house. We ate a crapload of Pepperidge Farm cookies.

Our flight didn't leave Cleveland until 4 in the afternoon, so we had some time to bum around. We checked out the West Side Market and found the beach.
Cool billboard outside of the market. Recognize anybody?

We tried to get this kid out of bed before 2pm every day. He's been living with my parents since April and all he wants to do is sleep. He's a junior this year.
Cleveland through the fog.
Phil celebrated his birthday in the air as we traveled back to PDX. And I started school the very next morning. More on that next time. . .

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bmarquez said...

I loved all the pictures! It's nice to know you still can have fun. . . . even in the midst of school.