Monday, October 5, 2015

the week of rebounds

So last weekend Mr. Wilson was limping around here like an old man-dog. He was babying his right front paw and wouldn't let me touch it. In fact, he growled at me all fierce-like when I tried to look at the bottom of it to see if he had something stuck in the pads. We waited it out until Monday and Phil took him to the vet. Turns out he had some kind of bacterial infection on his paw. Two prescriptions and a week with no walks later, he's doing just fine. The meds make him really thirsty, which, of course, means he has to go outside a whole lot more. But other than that, he's as good as new. And still as lazy as ever.
The same day that Phil took Wilson to the vet we also took his Jeep to the shop. The engine light had come on Sunday afternoon and we didn't figure it was going to be good news we would hear. It wasn't. Apparently Jeeps aren't made to last real long and the engines go bad. Nice that someone conveniently forgot to tell us that when we bought it. RIP Lady Liberty. You gave us lots of memories: driving on the beach for miles and miles, camping up at Lake Wanatchee, Christmas trees hauled home, trips to the dog park and Sonic, Sirius satellite radio, and even a flat tire that one time.
So instead of throwing thousands of dollars into a worthless car, we decided to trade it in and get something else. Here's our rebound car, a 2010 Nissan Murano.
Our plan was to wait one more year and get a new car as my graduation present. However, things rarely go as you have planned. And I got my graduation present a year early. Phil is driving the Taurus now and I'm still learning where everything is on the Murano.
In other news I have finished up a couple longer-than-usual for me sub jobs. I started the year in 2nd grade and did that for seven days. Then after a couple of days off, I did a two and a half week paternity leave for a guy in 3rd grade. I had today off, no jobs available. I cleaned the bathroom and asked Phil if I'd let him drive the new car if he'd take me to my happy places.

First stop: Latourell Falls.
 Second stop: Multnomah Falls (this picture was taken from the parking lot)
It was a great day for people watching. So many people taking and retaking and coming back a few minutes later to retake the same exact picture. I was cracking up.

 Third stop: Wahkeena Falls. This one just kind of winds its way down the hill.

It was a beautiful fall day. My favorite kind with my favorite guy.

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bmarquez said...

Those are definitely your happy places. Glad to see the BIG BOY is feeling better. Love the new vehicle.