Wednesday, August 12, 2015

because sometimes you gotta learn lessons the hard way

Back story: On Sunday, my friend Barbara brought some veggies from her garden to church to share. I took two banana peppers and two jalapeno peppers because I knew my tomatoes were almost ripe and I wanted to make some fresh salsa. I ran them out to my car in between Sunday school and church because, who wants to carry peppers in their purse? Not me. After church, they kind of got buried under my piano music and I forgot about them until Monday. I went out to the car to get them and I could only find three peppers. One jalapeno was M.I.A. I looked everywhere and just didn't see it.

Totally forgot about that until today.

Today's story: I took a study break around 3:00 or so and took Wilson for a ride (you see where this is going, don't you?) to Sonic so I could get a 1/2 price diet cherry coke and he could get a Scooby snack. It all worked out well for me, but not so much for him, because the guy totally stiffed him out of a treat. No worries. We have plenty of those at home. And today, apparently, in the car.

Well, it got real quiet in the back seat and I took a quick look and noticed he was lying down. Kinda strange because he's usually right up in the middle between the two seats looking out the front window. I thought, maybe he's just sad about the no-go on the Scooby snack.

Then I heard crunching and I thought, "What the heck does he have now?"

I finally got a glimpse and noticed the top half of the jalapeno was gone. Seconds later, he is licking his chomps like it's nobody's business. He left the other half of the pepper on the seat. I think his mouth. was. on. fire. This picture was taken just after we got home and he'd emptied his water dish. 

He's had plenty of water to drink the rest of the evening and seems to be recovering just fine.

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bmarquez said...

What a hoot!
I have more anytime Wilson wants to try another! Maybe something a touch milder next time.