Friday, August 7, 2015

Working like crazy on my two summer term classes. The lit. review for my social studies class is sucking the life out of me. Both classes are finished August 21st and then the next one (Curriculum and Instruction) starts August 24th. I think I've gone through almost a whole ream of paper printing out the journal articles. I can't stand reading them online. It gives me a headache. Fortunately, our printer can get a lot of stuff printed from a single black cartridge.
Really not liking taking two classes at the same time. I barely have a life.

Anticipating a 10 day break in mid-October between my 2 fall subterms. Phil505 has already agreed to take me to the beach for some cabin camping as our tent days are coming to an end. We are getting old, people. Cape Disappointment, here we come.

Realizing that  by October 16th I'll be half-way done with my master's program. Hallelujah!
Slacking in every other area of my life right now, or so it seems.
Wishing it would rain. Our back yard is like a desert wasteland. We've had basically no rain since early June. There is so much yard work to do. We have approximately 2, 853, 287 pine cones that need to be raked up, there are tall plants in front of short plants that need to be dug up and moved around, we need to edge, we need to add compost and mulch, and there. is. no. time. 
Planning and pinning stuff for a retirement party for my parents long-distance with my sister. 
Picking the last of the hydrangeas for this year. Please notice: I have finally hung some stuff on the walls in the kitchen. And this week we actually got the curtains in the dining room hung as well. I've only had them since CHRISTMAS. Now to get pictures printed, put in the frames that are stacked up in the living room, and hung up. One thing at a time.
Going to Phil505's company picnic after church on Sunday. I don't think there's a dessert contest this year. Darn it. Not that I would actually have time to whip something up anyway.
Realizing that  by October 16th I'll be half-way done with my master's program.
Dreaming about having a real job again.
Baking nothing. But I've got a bunch of zucchini on the counter calling out my name. 
Walking at least 5 days a week with Wilson. Some days we walk a little more than others, but it feels good to get out and get some fresh air once in a while.
Scheduling sub jobs already. School doesn't start for a month.
Dreaming about someday getting back into scrapbooking and making stuff out of pretty paper.
Discovering that my roma and beefsteak tomatoes are finally turning red. We've had lots of cherry and sungold tomatoes, but it always seems to take for the big guys to ripen. Our cucumbers have done quite well this year too.

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