Sunday, April 12, 2015

wooden shoe tulip festival

It seems like the ol' tulipfest gets a yearly blog post, but I can't help it. It's just too pretty not to share. I probably have hundreds of pictures of tulips, but I just keep snapping away. 

This year, we stopped on our way home from the beach, so Wilson got to come along for the fun. Yes, I made my dog look through that and people probably thought I was a weirdo. I don't care.
There's really not much to say, after all, it's just row after row of tulips. This particular tulip farm is in Woodburn, Oregon, and it's pretty big, bigger than the place I went to last year in Woodland, Washington. The one I really want to go to is in Skagit Valley, Washington (north of Seattle). It's gigantic.
Because we've had such a mild winter, this place opened up a week early. There were a few varieties of tulips that hadn't bloomed yet, but most were just right.
Love that my Phil505 always humors me by taking me to see flowers. He's a keeper.
This dog got so much attention from people. Everybody loves Wilson.
This was the pick-yer-own field. 50 cents a stem.

Take time to tiptoe through the tulips, people.

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bmarquez said...

You've been quite the writer lately. I had a few blogs to catch up on. Love the pictures and updates. I learn more about your life and thoughts than at our coffee dates