Tuesday, April 14, 2015

right now

eating baby carrots.
drinking water.
(Those first two sound real good in theory, but the truth is, I've eaten like crap for about a month and that needs to change.)
hoping a trip to Ohio is in the works for this summer. Trying to figure it all out.
listening to the frogs.
procrastinating on a few things: reading for school, returning a phone call about a sub job, and doing the dishes.
sending off a little belated birthday surprise to my dad tomorrow. 
still laughing about something my almost 95 year old grandmother asked me the other day, "Did you find yourself a boyfriend out there yet?" No Grandma. I'm married. ha ha ha
praying for some kind of supplemental income for the summer, probably in the form of tutoring or something like that.
loving the tulips. I stopped at the grocery store tonight and there was a big display right as you walked in the door. They're so fresh and happy. And colorful.
anticipating spring retreat this weekend at the coast. I think 11 ladies from our church will be going and I'll be playing the keyboard for the worship sets. Maybe even singing on a song or two.
admitting that I barely got anything done on my spring break list-of-things-to-do. I guess it was just too much relaxing at the beach and not enough work.
deciding on if I want to attempt taking 2 grad classes at the same time at the end of the summer or not. It seems insane, but I won't be working, so it's definitely more doable.
needing to take Wilson for a walk.
making scrapbook pages to update the book for retreat this weekend. I cranked out about 6 today. Almost done, just a little more journaling to go.
reading a lot of journal articles about poverty in education (for my research project). It's been very interesting, but also very depressing. 
thinking about the last half of this Research & Assessment class and what I still have to get done. Can't wait til it's over.

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