Friday, April 24, 2015

thirteen years ago today

Thirteen years ago today I nervously left my Uncle Joe's house where I had spent the night and drove to the airport in Columbus to pick up this guy, Phil505, I'd met online and had been corresponding with for 9 months. We started writing in July and it was all emails and letters for the first 7 months. Then he finally called me in January. January 17th, to be exact. We pretty much knew after talking that we had to meet. So he came. He took a red-eye out of Portland. I was running late, and he was waiting for me at the top of the escalator. And we kissed. My very first kiss, I might add. Then we went out to breakfast at Bob Evan's (after we finally found my car because I didn't pay attention to which parking garage I had left it in) where we sat across the table from each other. I was all googly-eyed and I smiled a lot. He held my hand and we finally talked face to face. We spent part of our day at some Conservatory in Columbus and visited the butterfly exhibit. I was too excited to think about asking someone to take our picture. Darn it. I wish I had one. But I have this one, from that weekend. 

This picture popped up in my facebook feed this morning because I had posted it last year. . . 12 years ago today. . . Another year has gone by and while he's still my internet boyfriend, he's been upgraded to husband status.
Love you, Mr. Bergland.

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