Saturday, April 11, 2015

south fogarty creek state park

One of the days we were at the beach we ventured down to Depoe Bay and got some ice cream. On the drive there, we passed some signs for South Fogarty Creek State Park. It's right next to Boiler Bay, a place we've been to several times before to look for whales, but we had never been to this particular stretch of beach. So on our last day we decided not to rush home and spend a little more time at the water. You park on one side of the highway and walk under the bridge to get to the ocean side. The beach itself is not real big and it's pretty rocky, however, there were some pretty cool tide pools and the way the rocks had been carved by the water was rather interesting. It was a pretty little place tucked in between some cliffs. The sand was more like tiny pebbles than sand and it was pretty sloped which made walking in it rather tricky. 
I found a few starfish!

There were caves in the rocks on the left side of this next picture. Kids were climbing around in them. That sort of thing freaks me out. I'm definitely not a cave girl.
South Fogarty Creek - another beautiful place to see on the Oregon Coast.

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