Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter + the beach

Another Easter has come and gone. I actually got a few decorations out. Nothing says clean your house and decorate for the holiday quite like having company over for Easter dinner. And it was a fabulous one. We had a spiral glazed ham, cheesy potatoes, and rolls. I was going to steam some broccoli, but our guests brought a salad so I nixed that idea because surely one vegetable is enough. We were still full from the breakfast we had at church. To top it all off, we had two desserts: cherry cheesecake and peanut butter pie.

I had my friend Linda snap a couple pictures after church. Phil brought the Jesus tie back to life this year. It hasn't made an appearance in a while. So it was totally worth documenting. 

Then bright, but not too early on Monday, we headed to the coast. First, I met one of my aunts for lunch. She had posted the night before that she had just landed in Portland and was on her way to Salem. Seriously? Family in town??? I had no idea she was even coming. We already know I get minimal visitors out here. Totally going to make that work.
The beach was amazing. We stayed in a puppy-friendly ocean view cottage at Ester Lee in Lincoln City. Wasn't too long til we saw a whole bunch of whales popping up out of the water, flippers flopping, spouts blowing. I can sit and watch the water (and the whales) all day.
We were up pretty high and there wasn't beach access there that we could find. We like to drive down anyway, so we headed up the road a ways and ended up here, where we spent spring break last year.
It was cloudy off and on the first day, and we had a few sprinkles, but most of the time the weather was fantastic.
Wilson had a blast. He loves the beach. He met some new puppy friends and ran around like crazy.
I searched a while for some starfish, but all I could find were these green anemones and a bunch of barnacles.
We had a nice sunset the first night. I wanted a little more color in the clouds, but it was still pretty.
I sat at the table and did some reading homework and putzed around on facebook.
Fantastic two days.

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