Wednesday, March 4, 2015

spring break: list-of-things-to-do

It's a month away, but I'm already working on my spring break to do list. Half this stuff was probably on my spring break list from last year, but whatever. It's good to keep lists like this around because it always feels good to cross stuff off. Even if it took however long to do it.

So far it looks like this:

  • unthaw and bake the ham for Easter Sunday. Priorities, people.
  • complete the McCoy's scrapbook (our former pastor). Ya, they moved at the end of July. Still not done. The friendship quilt is almost finished though, so I really need to get on these last few pages.
  • complete the Pacific Conference Women's scrapbook so it's ready for spring retreat.
  • maybe scrap for myself. (ha. fat chance of that happening.)
  • get pictures printed for the 12x12 frames we got for Christmas. Then get the frames hung.
  • get pictures printed for the photo collage wall in the hallway. Then get the frames hung.
  • buy a rod and hang curtains in the mancave.
  • buy brackets for the rod I have and hang curtains in the dining room.
  • trim mancave prints from Pike Street Market, frame, and hang.
  • hang some more B's. I collect B's, you know. Oh, maybe you don't because only one is hanging on the wall!!!
  • find some yellow-y stuff for the dining room wall and hang the pretty floral canvas I got for Christmas.
  • clean out the garage. (Lord, help us.)
  • tidy up the scrapbook room/office.
  • do some yard work.
  • call my Grandma.
  • wish my Dad a happy birthday.
  • take the dog to the D.P. (code for dog park)
  • breathe in some fresh salty air.
  • coffee date with at least one friend.
Sounds like a plan, Stan.


bmarquez said...

I hope I'm one of the coffee dates?

bmarquez said...

It's almost here!!!!