Saturday, February 28, 2015


enjoying the unusual warm sunny days we've been having. I haven't been to the dog park this much in February - ever. Of course, the lack of rain means lack of snow pack on the mountains which means drought this summer and no one will be able to water their lawns or wash their cars unless in March the water spigots of heaven open up on us. 

walking along the Columbia River. Mount Hood is behind the clouds in the first picture. The sailboats were out. It was beautiful.

working on school. I've got a 3 page paper due this weekend and the big paper due by next Friday and my first class is done. Here's what I like about online classes so far: reasonable deadlines, work at your own pace, challenging - but not too challenging. Here's what I don't like: some of the stuff we have to do seems like it's just busy work, there's a ton of reading - an insane amount of reading, directions on some things are not real clear, lack of communication between the professor, and comments on my graded work make it seem like sometimes she really didn't even read what I wrote.

anticipating class #2 which starts 10 days after class #1 ends. . . Educational Research and Assessment. Sounds thrilling, doesn't it?

trying to figure out the summer class schedule. Thinking about knocking out 3 classes in 2 subterms.

needing to dust, grocery shop, and vaccuum like nobody's business. Some things have fallen by the wayside around here.

eating Girl Scout cookies.

coughing. still. coughing.

needing a new pair of black shoes.

looking forward to spring break off with Phil505. Only a month to go.

laughing at kindergarteners. I was in a class on Wednesday that I was previously in back in November. Kid walks in the door, looks up at me and says, "Oh, great." I said, "Well, good morning to you too!"

smiling at my dog. He's always working on his tan.
listening to the Riverdance soundtrack. Because it's almost St. Patrick's Day, people. I subbed for a music teacher this week and took it along with me as a backup plan. Worked great with the rhythm sticks for 1st and 2nd grade.

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