Sunday, June 15, 2014

cards, part 1

June's a busy month around here. Birthdays, graduations, a wedding this weekend. I made a list of people I need to make cards for this afternoon and it's quite lengthy. Here are a couple I whipped up tonight.

Phil's niece graduated yesterday from Central Washington University. We weren't able to make it to her reception, but we'll see her this weekend at her brother's wedding. I've been wanting to try out this style of spiral card that I keep seeing on pinterest. I had a 6x6 inch paper pad of metallic graduation prints and some coordinating sticker sheets. I think it turned out ok, but next time I want to try to make the pieces more equally sized. I guess I varied the width a bit too much.
Saturday evening we are going to a birthday dinner for Phil's aunt.I used the same paper pad that I used for the three Mother's Day cards I made (and didn't photograph). I went with my trusty butterfly punch on this one. I still need to add the sentiment, but I basically consider these as done and I'm crossing two cards off my list.


bmarquez said...

I LOVE the spiral card.

Dawn said...

Thanks for sharing. Both are awesome! I've been wanting to try that spiral card, too. I think you have inspired me :)