Monday, June 9, 2014

i'm trying to be a better blogger.

This was supposed to be called "Sunday Six." Then at the last minute I decided to add another picture from my phone and everything I had typed disappeared. I was way too tired last night to redo it. So here it is, the six.

1. Craig's List. . . lovin' it. In one week's time we purchased a 'new' patio table and four chairs and sold our big ol' computer armoire. Sure, there's a little rust and some peeling paint, but that's nothing that a little hard work and some Rustoleum can't take care of. It's got good bones, plus the chairs rock. Nothing says summer's coming quite like sipping a glass of iced tea while rocking in the sun. We had looked at a brand new set at Ace Hardware and just one chair was $89. So we totally scored on this set.
2. These odd-ball looking flowers are growing in our flower bed. I can't remember for the life of me what they're called, but it was probably a clearance perennial we planted last year. They look like gigantic blue bells. . . only they're purple. I have learned this year that I should've planted them closer to the fence because they're super tall and you can hardly see the lilies behind them. They've spread like crazy too.
3. Mom and Dad sent me a package not too long ago. Along with my favorite potato chips from home, they sent me two ball caps. Now I am all set for when we go to see the Tribe take on the Mariners in Seattle at the end of the month.
4. Phil is entering week 3 of his diagnosis of Bell's palsy. He came home from work early the day after Memorial Day with what we thought was a super bad allergic reaction to something. Later that afternoon, he was diagnosed with Bell's palsy. It's an inflammation of the nerve in your face which causes one side of the face to droop. Essentially, it's what you would expect to see in a stroke patient, only instead of it being one whole side of the body, it just affects the face. They're not sure what causes it. It could be the result of having the shingles virus, or it could be related somehow to his sarcoidosis. It can start to clear up in as early as three weeks or take as long as six months. In same cases, it never goes away. For a while we were taping his eye closed at night because it wasn't blinking right and he needed to make sure his eye didn't dry out because that would cause a whole other set of problems. I already think his eye is looking normal and he's been feeling twitching in his lips, so we're taking that as a good sign. 

5. We've had our first harvest from our garden. One sugar snap pea pod. I split it in half and put it in our salad.

6. It's the birthaversary week! Our 10th anniversary is Thursday and my birthday is on Friday the 13th. Phil505 already took me to Ikea and got me the Raskog cart that I've been lusting after for about six months. He put it together for me last night. Ta da! It's soon going to be filled with all my project life stuff and it's on wheels so I can roll it around wherever I decide to scrap. I love it. It's metal and super sturdy. And the color. . . love it.

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