Thursday, March 6, 2014

saying goodbye to an old friend

No, nobody died.

A week or so ago, we decided to put an ad on Craig's List to sell off the first piece of furniture we bought as a couple, our TV armoire.
I loved that thing. I was sentimental about it being the first thing we bought together. We actually got it when I was out here on a visit before we got married. It was a Fred Meyer special. Phil505 put it all together before I became his lawfully wedded wife. It was with us in North Portland at 7945. (Sorry, that was in our pre-digital days, so no photo.)

It got hauled up and down the steps of our first apartment (B-4) in Vancouver.
It lived in the living room of our rental at 8903
and it came with us to our first home here in Berglandia. (No Christmas tree shot, but I am so happy that ugly looking fireplace is no longer so ugly.)
Sneak peek of the new and improved fire place before the walls got painted gray. In case you were wondering, the dog was not included in the sale.
It housed my Christmas CD's, my Susan Powter-stay-in-oxygen step aerobics tapes, and Phil505's Panasonic collection. So much storage.
But, with our recent redo of the family room (aka Phil505's man cave), it was just too big and took up a huge amount of space, and we both knew it needed to go. So to Craig's List we went.

That was after I was nearly killed by the thing hauling it out into the garage. Seriously, I saw my life flash before my eyes.

Do you know how many armoires are currently available on Craig's List? I thought it would never sell and we'd be hauling that baby to Goodwill.

We posted it once and had an inquiry or two, but no takers. We waited a week and posted it again. One lady wanted it for $15 less than our posting price, and we were going to sell it to her just so it wouldn't sit in our garage forever, but she never showed up. Instead, a very nice lady who wanted it for her costume jewelry collection came and got it. She brought her daughter and a little tiny pick up truck and off it went to its new home.

The best part of the whole thing is she didn't bring exact change, and we never carry cash. So we ended up making $5 more than our asking price. We made money. . . and it wasn't even a scam!

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