Monday, February 24, 2014


- My leg is asleep because my dog is in dreamland on my lap. I think he needs to go on a diet. He's getting awfully heavy.
- The oven is on and still waiting for me to get the banana bread baking.
- There's laundry to be switched over.
- I still think Tanya Harding is guilty of being the mastermind behind the let's-club-Nancy-Kerrigan's-knee incident. It blows my mind that it's been 20 years since that happened. Phil505 said he could take me to one of Tanya's old stomping grounds. Maybe some day I'll run into her at the mall or something.
- I'm making final plans for a baby shower at church on Sunday afternoon. Our youth pastor's wife just had the sweetest, tiniest, cutest little baby boy named Reuben. Is Pinterest coming to my rescue? You'd better believe it.
- I may get more done at night now that the Olympics are over. I love watching them, but they are time suckers. And Dear NBC, next time please show more figure skating and less cross country skiing. And I'd appreciate it if you'd start showing the skating events at 9 instead of 10. Thanks.
- Our 4th Friday Fellowship is spaghetti night, which has transformed into pasta night. So instead of spaghetti, I think I'm making stuffed shells. And some fabulous dessert, because I always sign up for dessert.
- I have not bought a single box of Girl Scout Cookies this year.
- I think I've mentioned this here before, but I am the Queen of Unfinished Projects. And it drives me slightly crazy. But I can't seem to stop.
- Yesterday afternoon I picked up nearly a whole tree in the back yard that blew in during the last wind storm we had. I think every piece of tree debris from the whole neighborhood ended up in our back yard.
- The bulbs are coming up and I have a few crocuses that survived the tree stump grinding blooming. I can't wait for my spring flowers!
- I read a blog post today about two roommates who had an illegal beta fish and a cat in their dorm room. The illegal pets were never discovered. (I want to know where in the heck they put the litter box.) It reminded me of my roommate Melissa and I illegally burning Yankee candles in our dorm room. Seems like the blueberry scent would've given us away, but it never did.

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Dana said...

I have bought 6 boxes of girl scout cookies so far...Thin mints, peanut butter sandwiches and trefoils.

I'm with you on Tanya!

It's fun to be back blogging again!