Sunday, March 16, 2014

tulips in a rootbeer mug. and other stuff.

Ahhh, blogging. It seems like I have good intentions about blogging. Then I go for days and have nothing blog-worthy to write about. I mean, I could go on and on about the big problem with my WA teaching license not being any good, and how none of my credits are going to transfer, and how one university told me that I'd have to start completely over again as a college freshman, but who wants to hear all that? I get sick just thinking about it. I much prefer to think about rainbows. And ya, I took this picture with my phone while I was driving home. But it was there for a reason, and I needed a reminder at that exact moment that God always keeps His promises. So I took it.
The baby shower I planned and hosted at church was a great success. It's kind of small, but I made the onesie banner and the tissue paper pom poms to decorate above the gift table.
A bunch of tulips from Costco and some wooden blocks made for easy centerpieces.
I made this cute card/tag thing. It's really a card, but I didn't make an envelope to fit it, so I hung it on like a tag.
As much as I hate springing forward and losing that hour of sleep, I have to say that I have totally enjoyed having extra daylight at the end of the day. This little yellow fluffy puppy dog enjoys it too because it means he gets more walks and trips to the dog park. It's good for both of us. And it helps me get my minutes in. We're having a little exercise challenge at school. It's a friendly competition to get in some workouts. I've been walking, ellyptical-ing, and kettle bell-ing. Last week I logged 210 minutes. Go me.
Speaking of school, on Friday we had an assembly with Reptile Man. Oh ya, funniest assembly ever. The kids were a riot. I got in the gym just in time to see the gigantic snapping turtle, but I wanted to leave when he and about 8 kids pulled out the 100+ pound huge gigantic white snake. I can't remember what kind it was, but he assured us all that it wouldn't bite. Ya, that thing was 8 kids long. Put it back in the Rubbermaid box and lock it down. We saw more snakes and lizards and the alligator peed when he pulled it out of its box. Ya, that got a roar from the crowd. (Poor Ken the custodian. I'm sure cleaning up alligator pee was not in his job description.) I did pet the alligator on my way out the door. I can cross that off my bucket list now. Of course, I would actually have to have a bucket list. And then I'd have to add "pet an alligator" to it, because I'm sure that would never in a million years be on there.

Yesterday I had coffee with my friend Dana (check out her blog here) and got my hair cut and highlighted. Welcome back blonde hair, I've missed you. Tiffany, my hair girl, assured me the highlights would help hide the gray that keep showing up all over my entire head.

I came home one day to these pretty tulips in a rootbeer mug. A surprise from Phil505. Is that cute or what?
Spring arrives officially this week and I am so glad! Phil mowed the grass this weekend. It's so green and lush. The frogs are back doing their thing out in the pond. . .our own little private symphony in the front yard. Three more weeks until spring break when the office/scrapbook room gets to undergo its transformation. I cannot wait.


Dana said...

Hey Blogging friend. Thanks for the mention!
I've been thinking about the teaching certificate TRAVESTY and praying for you. It frustrates me beyond no end and that doesn't even come close to your emotions I'm sure. BUT, I am excited to see how God is going to work it out. Easy to say, not as easy to wait patiently for. But look at it as an adventure!! OK, I'm sounding like my sister when the school closed and they sold the house, but it is true!!!

Dawn said...

Jealous that you are mowing grass already. Here in "the other Portland" we still have FEET of snow in our backyards. Spring begins tomorrow so maybe it will all magically disappear while I sleep tonight :)