Monday, February 10, 2014


today was another snow day.
it was also a regular day off for phil505.
we slept in.
unlike yesterday, we actually took showers.
unlike yesterday, it was also productive.
the bed got stripped and a few loads of laundry got done.
we put together an ikea expedit shelving unit.
we got out of the house and had a lunch date at noodles & co.
i had the pad thai with chicken, he had the curry with shrimp.
we took back my overdue library books.
we watched the olympics.
touched up some other paint spots.
we watched an old episode of criminal minds.
we gave wilson a 'paw'dicure.
we put the christmas decorations up in the garage attic and cleared out some space in the garage.
we tried a new recipe (ham & gnocchi) for dinner with the leftover spiral ham from yesterday.
we gave each other back scratches.
it was a good day.
tomorrow things will probably be back to normal.
the ice and snow are melting.
the rain is on its way.
this week we'll celebrate valentine's day and 100th day on friday.
i'm looking forward to the weekend.

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