Monday, February 17, 2014

lincoln city

It just so happened that Valentine's Day this year fell on a Friday that coincided with President's Day being on the Monday after which meant the following: I had a long weekend, Phil505 took Saturday off, and we headed to the beach.

He asked me where I wanted to go and my vote was Lincoln City, OR. There's stuff to do in Lincoln City, if you want to do it. They have a nice outlet mall, a movie theatre, good restaurants, and of course, trinket shops. We looked online for a dog friendly hotel for a few weeks and found one place that we didn't book when we found it, and then lost out. But that ended up being a good thing, because we found a different hotel, high up on a cliff, that had a kitchenette and a hot tub. Bonus points for the lady who cut us a great deal which was better than the one we wanted first and didn't book. 

Friday night we went out for our Valentine's date to a place called Low Bar. It's owned by our realtor friend Diane's son. She's talked up the Low Bar burger for a long time, and so, wanting to avoid the major crowds and the hour long waits at all the regular restaurants, we headed to downtown Vancouver for a candle lit burger and jo jo dinner date complete with homemade peach pie. The food was great and they played cool music. A win-win in my book.

Our original plan was to leave Friday after work, but we decided to wait until Saturday. We left in the morning around 10:00 and we ended up here. Well, after I could finally push the Jeep door open in the wind. It was crazy.
The view was great, although that night we did have a pretty bad storm with winds clocked at 70 miles an hour. There was one brief moment of a sunburst the first night.
The rain died down, but not the wind. Watching the waves from the hot tub was awesome.
We watched insane amounts of HGTV and the Olympics and on Sunday afternoon I got a lunch date with this good lookin' guy. We went to Mo's and had a seat with a view of the bay. I love watching the seals there. The clam chowder's pretty good too.
Halibut and chips for me. Neptune platter for him. Malt vinegar for us both.
My poor wind-whipped hair.
We did manage two trips down to the beach. It was sunny, but so windy though. Wilson loved it.
His happy place is the beach (or wherever he can get a free biscuit).
Our room - bottom left.
I finally got smart and just wore my hair back in a headband. It kept things semi-under control.
So thankful for the time to get away and relax with my Valentine.

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