Saturday, November 16, 2013

the latest and greatest thing floating around on facebook

There's this "like my status list and I'll assign you a number so you can write your own list" thing going around on facebook. I hadn't actually liked anyone's status yet, but I had been formulating my own list. My sister assigned me 10 (because she's so demanding) and I wrote 11 just for the heck of it. So in case you're not my facebook friend and you haven't seen my morphed grandma picture, this post is for you.

      1. I got to be in the delivery room when my niece Hannah was born. I also got to cut the cord and feed her her first bottle. For a long time when we'd go out, people thought she was mine.
      2. I named my dog about three years before I even got him after watching a commercial for Wilsonville Toyota. I thought Wilson would make a great name for a yellow lab, and I was so right about that.
      3. I always look for tsunami evacuation routes when we go to the coast (because you just never know).
4. I’ve been certified to teach in Tennessee, Ohio, and Washington. I’ve actually taught in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Oregon, and Washington.
5. I met Phil505 on the internet. You probably knew that. But did you know I sent him the first message? I still can’t believe I did it, but I am so glad I did. People aren't as surprised now when they ask how we met, but when we first got married I got a lot of scared looks and raised eyebrows.
6. I’m addicted to Pinterest. It saved my life when I taught kindergarten and now it’s giving me ideas for our home. I actually did the ever-so-popular pin “get rid of that builder grade honey oak” on our master bathroom vanity and medicine cabinet. It is now a beautiful espresso color. It was a royal pain in the rear and took way longer than it should’ve, but was totally worth it. Next up, we’re framing the huge builder grade mirror in the master closet, another pin I keep seeing.
7. I’ve been blogging since September 2006. One day I’m going to get my blog printed in book form. If you buy a copy I’ll sign it for you.
8. Three things on my bucket list: to go to Portland’s Voodoo Doughnuts, to see the Buckeyes play at the Horseshoe with my dad, and to take my sister to see the Goonies’ Rock.
9. I have completed 7 hours of master’s classes in Literacy. And it’s been so long since I did that I’ll probably have to start all over again.
10. There will be no organ music at my funeral.
11. When I get old, I’m probably going to look like this. I look like Grandma Kline, no???? (thanks to Andrew Pascoe for morphing my photo. One of the funniest parts of my recent Vegas trip.)

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