Sunday, November 10, 2013

i haven't blogged in 20 days

20 days. So here's what you've been missing because, apparently, I've been too lazy to blog. . .

  • My dog is currently moaning in his sleep like some old grandpa. He wins the award for most hysterical dog ever. Seriously, the eyebrows. 
  • Fall arrived in Berglandia and October was absolutely beautiful. I stocked up on dried beans and lentils so I could whip up some canning jar candle holders, updated my plain old boring berry wreath with some new sprigs, went for walks, and baked pumpkin chocolate chip bread.

  • I also went to Vegas for Michelle's wedding and had a fantastic time with these girls. Vegas really deserves a post all its own, so I'll save the details for another day.
  • I've kept busy with subbing. That kind of happens when there's a sub shortage. In October, I worked all but two days, one of which there were no jobs and the other I just decided to take the day off. I'm still old school when it comes to calendars, and since I've booked days clear into March, I had to go to Target and buy a new one. I can also now sub in Camas, the next town over, and I found out that Evergreen (the district we live in) has opened up their sub list, so things are going pretty well.
  • I'm getting the itch to start playing Christmas music, but I'm making myself wait because I know by about the 15th of December I'll be sick of it. I've got these on my annual I'm gonna buy myself a Christmas cd wish list. . .

  • The first of our Thanksgiving festivities is coming up with our church dinner on Saturday. Wish me luck as I whip up a big bowl of green bean casserole. Sadly, the dessert category was all filled up.

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Dawn said...

Vegas was THE BEST time :) I can't wait to read that blog post.

Wilson is adorable!