Tuesday, October 1, 2013

ten on tuesday: the "because apparently i'm a toe" edition

1. happy october! fall is here. that means pumpkin. lots and lots of pumpkin. if you like both bagels and pumpkin, then you'll need to try these. they are lighter and fluffier than regular bagels with just a touch of pumpkin flavor. seriously, so yummy. i found mine at walmart and winco. get them now because they're a limited edition.
2. wilson puked this morning. right below the ironing board as i was getting my shirt ready. thanks, buddy. when that happens, you know your day can only go up from there.

3. today in a matter of about 10 minutes there was a complete downpour and beautiful sunshine in a clear blue sky. crazy weather.

4. my car was making a weird noise on friday. made the hubs drive it around and he promptly took it to gaynor's. they said, "bring it back tomorrow morning." we did. something fell off. (don't ask, i can't remember.)  it's still driveable. for a while. if we want to get it fixed we'll get to shell out $1,700. oh. come. on.

5. speaking of subbing, i have been staying very busy. in fact, since school started i've only not worked one day, and that was because i had to stay home to can the salsa. well, as it turns out, i've kind of become the 'go-to' sub in one building because the old go-to sub got a full time position. i'm booking days like crazy. i walk around with my calendar, penciling people in, and that's a good thing.

6. i want to see sandra bullock's new movie gravity. it's always been an irrational fear of mine that, if i were ever an astronaut, i'd be floating around freely in space and running out of oxygen. fortunately, the closest i ever got to being an astronaut was riding in that crazy flippy doodle gyroscope thing on word of life island during the summer of 1988.

7. i'm going to vegas in 24 days!!! girls' weekend to celebrate michelle's wedding day! can't wait to hang out with my friends and stay up late and catch up with everyone. some of these girls i haven't seen in nine years. totally time for a reunion.

8. now i need something to wear to the wedding. thinking about this one. which color? should i go with this one, raspberry plum or should i go for it in black?

9. there's not much on tv these days that's really grabbing my attention, well, parenthood came back last week. i do like that show, but the rest of the week, bleh. instead i watch episodes of glitter girl - saving the world of scrapbooking one crafty dilemma at a time. her alter ego is shimelle laine and if you search her on youtube, you'll find lots of cool videos on my all-time favorite topic.

10. I got this from a student in 5th grade yesterday. I don't know, that whole being the nicest stub ever thing just made me think of toes. It made me laugh.


Dawn said...

I can't wait to see you in Vegas!! It is going to be a great weekend. I vote for the raspberry colored dress.

And just for the record: YOU are my favorite STUB, too. Loved that note!

bmarquez said...

I vote for raspberry plum. you will look great i it