Sunday, September 29, 2013

notes to random people

Dear Crabby Lady at Winco,

I don't know what your problem was this afternoon, but seriously, learn how to park your cart when your bagging your groceries. It's really not that hard. For your information, Winco cashiers can service two customers at the same time. So when you are ready to start bagging, you go to the end of the conveyor belt and turn your cart around so that the front end is touching the end of the bagging area.(See cart on the middle right because the lady in the black shirt knows how it's done.) If you leave your cart sideways, like the lady wearing red in the picture below, and then proceed to smash it into our cart, you are going to cause problems. And it won't be our fault.
You don't need to call my husband nasty names, nor do you need to think about calling security. Quit embarrassing your poor daughter and take a nap, because clearly, you need one.

the wife of the husband you screamed at today

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bmarquez said...

This is one of my pet peeves too! What the heck are people thinking? They should not be "blockin' stuff' STUPHEAD'.