Thursday, September 19, 2013

week in the life: sunday

Here's the last day of week in the life 2013.
Sunday went a little something like this:

He brought me Starbucks! I leave earlier for church because of worship team practice, and when he showed up for Sunday school he had a mocha for me :)
After the worship set. The view from our pew.
 Somehow we always end up parking next to each other.
Stocking up on a few things at Walmart. (Yeah Kleenex for finally putting the Boxtop on the top of the kleenex box!)
 Self portrait after church.
 We had a little bit of rain early this morning.
 Playing with the pupster. He loves belly scratches.
 Mini meatloaves. It's what's for lunch.
 On the bench ready to get brushed.
 He's shedding so bad right now.
 Baking banana bread.
Printed and cut out some business cards to hand out while subbing. I love that cute cursive font :)
And that's all, folks.

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