Wednesday, October 9, 2013

10 steps to a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

1. You get stuck in traffic on Mill Plain and are 15 minutes late to your sub job.
2. Your check engine soon light comes on just after you get on the freeway. I swear, it's like the light of death.
3. You get to the class where you're subbing and there are no lesson plans (they were emailed to me, but things were a bit dicey for about 5 minutes as I was frantically trying to find them).
4. Because you were late and the lesson plans were temporarily MIA, the kids have nothing to do for morning work until the copies come back from the office.
5. Your husband comes to check on your car after work and now it won't start.
6. You have to call a tow truck.
7. The tow truck driver gets stuck in the car line at school (guess that makes it a bad day for him, not for me).
8. Because you've both switched keys around when the car got towed to the repair shop, you walk off and leave your house key on the counter when your former realtor suddenly calls for a last minute puppy play date.
9. You get back home and have to call the locksmith.
10. After waiting about 35 minutes for him to arrive, the locksmith charges you $75 to pick the stupid lock.

Yes, this was my day yesterday. Now, it wasn't all bad. The class I had ended up with PE and Creative Movement classes, so I had two nice long breaks during the day. Then my knight in shining armor took care of the car stuff for me. And the tow won't cost us anything because it's covered by our car insurance. I probably should've cried, but as the day went on all I could do was laugh. And seeing two cute yellow labs playing together sure was fun.

Here's hoping that today is a whole lot better. And dear Lord, if you want to make our car repair bill not be as big as the estimate, we sure would appreciate it.


Luci Smith said...

I had a student say shut up B**** twice to me today and also the F Bomb twice. And it was early release. Something is the air. Along with sad news about my was a long day.....Oh the tow truck driver must have been going crazy in that line. SO glad we do not have to sit in that line for pick up.

bmarquez said...

Maybe you should move to Australia! I hear there are no "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days" there.