Tuesday, September 17, 2013

week in the life: thursday

So here was my Thursday. 

cereal for breakfast. wilson's on his rug.
 bed's made.
stopped at chuck's produce on the way home for. . . well, produce. melon, oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, and. . .
the deal of the day - corn $.10 an ear!!! that's the cheapest i've ever seen it. it was a BLT and corn on the cob for dinner night.
currently reading this memoir about a girl who didn't know she had a younger sister that had been institutionalized until she was 13 years old.
the living room. nice and clean because we're hardly ever in there. it needs some wall love, but i'm so afraid of messing up and nailing something wrong.
the dining room that is currently being taken over by my scrap stuff. ya, it's a mess. don't judge. lots of projects that are currently underway.
 the fridge: now complete with lists, magnets, bills, oatmeal, and biscuits.
 laundry. always doing laundry.
 dishes. always doing dishes. i hate washing plastic in the dishwasher.
 wilson's spot, as of late, while i'm washing dishes.
 my feet hurt so bad when i got home so i gave them a nice hot soak.
another glorious day of my life documented.

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Kellie said...

Love this... so far behind, though. Here's a thought I learned from a friend about your wall in the living room. Find what you would like to hang, make templates out of butcher paper or old wrapping paper then hang up the papers to see what you like best before adding the nails and the actual "stuff." I'll be looking for your wonderfully inspired wall soon.... :)