Saturday, September 14, 2013

week in the life - wednesday

I had McDonald's for breakfast. Tried one of their vanilla lattes for the first time. It wasn't too bad, and the girl even forgot the vanilla.

Inside my car listening to K-Love. Sausage biscuit. My favorite breakfast sandwich. I don't do McDonald's eggs. Something creeps me out with their perfect round form.

I was teaching school when I found out about the horrible events of September 11, so I thought getting a picture of a flag at school would be a good idea. I wanted one outside at the flag pole, but never had a chance to get out there. I ended up in 5th grade for the last half of the day and we watched part of a video about 9-11. They were so quiet while they were watching it.
 It was the hottest day we've had in a while. I deemed it too hot to cook, so we went for chicken burritos at Qdoba.

Then I hurried off to worship team practice, came home, watched some 9-11 footage on youtube, and stayed up way too late reading. 


bmarquez said...

I am concerned about your driving habits. Seriously, taking pictures while driving!! Be safe. Otherwise it was a excellent day in your life. ;)

wendy said...

I was stopped at a light. I'm not that crazy. I don't (usually) take pictures and drive. Thanks for your concern :)

Mel said...

Ha i had a McDonalds breakfast for my day in the life too. I teach as well.