Monday, August 26, 2013

camping in the olympics; day 4

Our last day was spent exploring the waterfront in Port Angeles. It was pretty foggy when we got there which was strange, because it had been so clear and sunny the rest of the time. We found a spot to park and headed to the pier where they had a bunch of arts & crafts booths set up. We bought Wilson a Seahawks bandana to wear for the big games.

We saw the Rocktopus. . .

 lots of fishing boats,
 sailboats in the fog,

 a Porsche car show right on the pier (there was a vintage 1973 edition),
and several sand sculptures. This one was my favorite. I can't even build a sand castle that doesn't fall over and these people are making giraffes and trees.
We ate lunch at the Crab Shack right on the water and then we went back up to Hurricane Ridge one last time. The national park's pass was good for 7 days. We wanted to get our money's worth. And it's so beautiful up there, why not?

I loved these yellow alpine flowers that lined both sides of the road. So pretty.
Amazing view! That building has a really nice gift shop on the bottom floor and a lookout place on the 2nd floor. There were deer all over the place, just wandering around, totally not afraid of people.

Pretty alpine weeds.
It was cloudy this time, so everything felt different. And the clouds were casting shadows on the mountains.
It was windy and a bit cooler too.

 I love this picture - how the tops of the mountains poke up from behind the grass as you go up this hill.

We sat here on the bench for a while. It's a place you just can't get tired of.
 We left the next morning to head home. I made Phil pull over for one last photo opportunity to remember our trip with. . .

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