Tuesday, September 3, 2013

i will finish 2012. . . if it kills me.

I haven't posted any Project Life pages in a while because. . . well, I hadn't done any Project Life pages in a while. But in the last week or so, that has changed. I am into October and have all my pictures printed for the rest of last year. (That whole sending pictures to be printed thing was quite time consuming, but it's done.) For the record, I've also finished 2012's A Week in the Life album, which I did digitally on Shutterfly. I wanted that finished because Sept. 9th starts 2013's A Week in the Life project. And I have a teeny tiny more to finish on 2011's WITL album, so maybe I'll be able to crank that one out too. We shall see.

Here are my pages finishing July, August, and September.

The rest of our trip to Ohio including the ballgame, the state fair, family get together, and grandma's house.

I have a couple other pictures hidden in the 3X4 pockets. I'm waiting on my sister to send me a picture of her house to finish the title card, and I still need to journal.
 Used three 4X6's for pictures of the fires in Colorado and the mountains on the trip home.
 August. I had a lot of pictures of my dog, so I ended up making several 4X6 collages.
 A picnic and a frog in the kitchen sink.
 Gardens, birthdays, job searches.
 A trip to the Dahlia Festival and Long Beach for Phil's birthday. I enlarged the beach picture to 8X12, but I didn't do that great of a job cropping it because when I cut it apart to put in the protector, I had to slice right through the water. It just looks weird.

Covered bridge and more notes about Bible study, worship team changes, and not having a teaching job :(

Our garden and a beautiful sunset. Guess I forgot to get a picture of the back of that one.

My project life goal is to use up some of my stash. I don't have a core kit, but I do love the cut apart journaling sheets and labels. I'm feeling pretty good about the progress I've made this week.


Dawn said...

Great job! The pages are awesome!

bmarquez said...

I love it but have to see it up close Bring it Sat