Wednesday, August 14, 2013

camping in the olympics: day 2

On Friday we went exploring in Sequim. We headed out to the spit. . . Dungeoness National Wildlife Refuge. It's goes for nearly five miles out into the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We headed out on a little hike down. Here's a peek through the trees.

The beach was pretty rocky and there are lots and lots of logs that have washed up. It's also slanted,which makes it hard to walk on.You feel like you're walking sideways.

Looking back toward the Olympics. . .
 We found a log to sit on for a while and. . .
 watched the blue herons looking for food in the mud.

 Way out at the end of the spit is a lighthouse. And that's Mt. Baker behind it.
On our way back into town we stopped at Fat Cat Lavender Farm. Sequim has like 20+ lavender farms and lots of lavender shops in the downtown area. We missed the lavender festival by a weekend. Apparently lavender just grows really well in that area. 
Fat Cat was run by the funniest little Asian lady I've ever met. She talked us into trying her freshly squeezed lavender lemonade. It was really good. I can only describe it as it tastes exactly like lavender smells. She steeps the lavender like tea and adds it to the lemonade. Different, but good.
We sat on a bench and drank our lemonade and split a caramel covered in dark chocolate and sea salt and enjoyed their garden and lavender field.

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Kellie said...

SIGH.... I so need to come visit your neck of the woods. Love all of your trips!