Tuesday, August 13, 2013


working on the master bathroom project. Kinda fell off the get-'er-done bandwagon in between vacation and camping trips. Going to do some paint touch ups to do today and finish the vanity doors. Then it's on to the medicine cabinet. . .
watching the hummingbirds. They'll be happy today. I made them new food. (4 parts water : 1 part sugar)
listening to the Fish.
trying to think of a theme for the ladies' Christmas event. Right now, I've got nothin'.
reading A Step of Faith by Richard Paul Evans.
loving evening walks with Wilson. About 8:00, it's much cooler and it helps release the anxiety.
continuing to be annoyed at employers who say they'll call back and don't. I interviewed yesterday at a school and was told I'd be called either way later in the day. Guess what? She didn't call. Ya, it's hard to tell people you chose someone else, but be a professional, put your big girl panties on and call them anyway.
anticipating a new album by Laura Story, God of Every Story. (kinda matches my blog name)
craving a white chocolate mocha, but it's too hot out for that.
laughing at my crazy dog.
picking cherry tomatoes, the first two cucumbers, green beans, and zucchini out of the garden.
re-organizing the garage. Well, we did part of it the other day. There's still more to be done.
needing to make a date with the dentist. Now that I have dental insurance again, it's time to get them cleaned.

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Kellie said...

Ah, yes, I think I have many currentlies I could talk about, too, but I enjoyed reading YOURS much more than figuring out mine. hahah!! I hate that you haven't heard back from job opportunities. I will continue to pray. :)

I really am loving all you have done to your home! :)