Monday, April 15, 2013

happy tax day, america

It's April 15th. You got your taxes done? I was thinking about my friend Jamie this morning and how, before I got married, I'd be over at his house on the 14th so he could do my taxes. I'm always such a procrastinator. In case you were wondering, thanks to Phil505 our taxes are done and we received our federal return today. How funny is that?

This week finds me subbing in kindergarten. Those five year olds have more energy than my dog, and he has a lot. Funniest line of the day happened during morning prayer time. A little boy says, "My dad has a kidney stone. And it's going to come out his privates and he's going to catch it in his hands." Seriously, how does one recover from that? Last week I was in 2nd grade for four days and then had a para sub position that changed to a certified position at 2:00 so I could save the day for a teacher who had to leave when her father was having a heart attack.

I've been on the quest for the perfect new bathroom rugs, now that I've got it all painted and our current yellow rugs are now seven years old. I found them. . . 55% off at Kohl's. I thought I also had new curtains picked out (a steal of a deal from Home Goods), but when I got them home, I knew they just didn't look right. So off to JoAnn Fabrics I went, and I've found THE fabric. Believe it or not, I'm going to attempt to sew them myself. Yes, I haven't sewn anything since my senior year in high school, but I believe with a little guidance from a quilter friend, I'll be able to whip up a pair of simple panels. I mean, I did make the infamous gray headband/matching sweatshirt and all. (Don't worry, Kerry, I'm looking for a picture to scan.)

My bathroom is making me really happy these days. Speaking of bathrooms, my dog tried to eat a bar of soap the other day. Weirdo.

Here's some really good news. . . I was invited to attend Candidate Day at Van. Public Schools. I was referred by a principal from a building I've been subbing in (it's how you get an invitation) and will meet some administrative staff, tour a building, hear all about the benefits and professional development, and interview with a team of principals. It's on the 26th and will be from 10-3. They have about 6-8 Candidate Days in April and May and this pool of people is where they hire new staff from for the following year. The principal that referred me for this is the same one that called HR and got my interview arranged for the certified sub position. She is amazing. I am nervous. For the last seven summers I have been checking the district website for elementary positions and have never seen one. Now I finally get the opportunity to interview for one.

And that, my friends, is all she wrote. Hope your Monday was awesome.

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Luci Smith said...

That is so awesome about being invited. I tell ya those principals when they see a sub they like they want to make them permanent. That is how I got on. My principal so me always volunteering in classes even if my kids were not in there and got me on the sub list.
I am in the process of re-doing my room. I am the worse decorator EVER. Emma and Jena are no help. Going with a beach/ocean (not tropical) kind of theme. My walls are going to be yellow. I am crazy.
I bet Wilson's breath smelt ivory clean for a bit.