Tuesday, April 30, 2013

i should probably blog before april comes to a close

Today the class I was subbing for had library. Look what I found! Made me feel right at home. Goes along with the plane tickets that we purchased the other day! 
I didn't have to do much today because there was a student teacher in this class. She was talking to me and said, "I heard you have like 10 years of experience." I said, "Well, actually, it's 14 and a half." She said she was thrilled to work with such a seasoned teacher and wanted my feedback on her lessons. OK, people. That comment made me feel old. Seasoned teacher??? Good times.  

This past weekend was our church conference's spring retreat. We ladies were in Newport this year on the Oregon coast. The weather was fabulous, the speaker was wonderful (she taught on the Tabernacle. . .good stuff), and I had a great time. We spent a couple hours strolling through the trinket shops in the wharf and stopped along the way to take a picture of the bridge.
We had a pretty amazing view out our window. It's hard to see, but the Yaquina Head Lighthouse is on that cluster of rocks on the right.
Wilson missed me while I was gone. The hubster sent me a text Friday night that said "Wilson's looking for you." Oh, doesn't he just look pitiful? This is just what he does when he thinks it's time to eat (which can be every five minutes some days). Poor baby.


Kellie said...

Glad you were able to get away.... even though Wilson missed you. :p Y'all have such beautiful scenery where you live. Praying the job opportunities work out soon. <3

Kerry M. said...

I'm just getting caught up on your posts! I'm so glad you get to go home for a visit.

Way to nail your spring break list. I was not so successful. I can't wait to see pictures of your freshly painted bathroom. =)