Saturday, December 22, 2012

making christmas memories

mr. b. and i at the tree lot.
 on our way home with our noble fir. raise your hand if you love the free candy canes too.
funniest dog ever. spoiled rotten. sometimes a brat. loves christmas music and peanut butter. for real.
one of my favorite things to do in the evenings is sit in the living room with mr. b., christmas music playing, and all the lights off except the 700 or so on the tree.
wilson has been very good around the tree. (knock on wood.) he has tried to cart off my stuffed snowman on the entry way table a few times though.
last year i asked santa for a puppy.
what a difference a year makes. where did my little baby puppy go? he still thinks he's a lap dog.

today jingle bell rock came on and i said, "we need to put your jingle bells on." he looked at me like i was crazy. (which i probably am, but, whatever.) later we went for a ride to the post office, jingle bells and all. this is how he lets me know he's ready to come back in - by staring at me in the kitchen window.
who says bokeh is just for night time? and yes, i leave the lights on the tree on all day if i'm home. christmas only comes once a year.


Luci Smith said...

I love your puppy pictures. I so need to do more pictures of the kids and dogs. Pray for me for doing it next year. I love Wilson on your lap. That is just perfect. I have Tina Litsey's dog at my house for overnight. He is a black lab/huskie mix. I can not tell them apart sometimes and it was wild at first, but they calm down once the human kids calmed down. You should bring Wilson over. It might be fun.
I love your tree and yes we keep our lights on all day too on the tree when we are home.

Kellie said...

I love that pic of Wilson in your lap... he is huge! His jingle bell pic is adorable. :) I love the Christmas lights to be on all day, too. Nothing like them.