Friday, December 21, 2012

christmas crafts

Both of these are pinterest inspired. I'm sure it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

Project #1the Christmas card holder wreath. I've had the stuff for two years, I figured it was about time I put it together. I like being able to see the cards we get and this is working out great. It was very, very simple to make. You'll need the biggest embroidery hoop you can find, medium sized clothes pins, paper scraps, ribbon, mod podge, and a hot glue gun.
I spaced the clothes pins around the hoop first and figured out I could fit 19 on it without it being too crowded. They were about a quarter of a inch wide, and I trimmed the paper to fit and glued it on with mod podge. I also used paper from the same collection, so it's all matchy matchy with some glittery pieces here and there.
After the glue was dry, I hot glued them on to the hoop. I alternated the direction of the openings so that some cards will be in the middle and some will be on the outside.
I looped a long piece of wired ribbon at the top and draped it up over the door. I was going to tape it or tack it down, but the bends in the wire seems to be holding it over the closet door.
Then I tied a simple bow and hot glued it on to the ribbon looped around the hoop. And wa-la, it was finished. There are still a few empty slots, so if you haven't mailed me your card yet, there will be a place for it when it arrives ;)

Project #2 - the candy cane yarn wreath. This was a much belated birthday gift for my friend Barbara. I just used a straw wreath, left the plastic wrapper on it, and started wrapping yarn. That's the part that takes the longest.
Then I found the sprig of red, white, and green, tucked the bottom part in the yarn and secured it in a few places. I did the same with the snowflakes. The ribbon is optional.
 Super cute, huh?

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I love it! Thank you.