Wednesday, November 28, 2012

the little old lady at kaiser permanente

the location: Kaiser Permanente Sunnybrook Pharmacy

the actors: Phil505, Wendy - author of this here blog, and the little old lady

the scene: P & W are sitting around, waiting for their number to be called

the lowdown: We grabbed our number out of the little take-a-number-machine and were waiting our turn in line. All of a sudden and quite out of nowhere, the little old lady walks away from the counter and gets right up in my face. She says {and I quote}, "She told me to have a nice day. I told her it's not possible because now I have to go home to that jerk of a husband I married 50 odd years ago. Ha!" Then she walks off, cane in one hand, bag of pills in the other.

the reaction: immediate loud laughter follows and we look at each other and wonder if we've been punked or if we're on that Betty White show Off Their Rockers where all her old friends do and say crazy things to young people.

I'm still laughing about that one.


bmarquez said...

It does sound like a Betty White prank. That show is hilarious.

Kerry M. said...

You are a magnet for strangers acting strangely, too? That was SO funny! I wonder if her husband is really that bad? What did Phil say?

Kerry M. said...

Yay! Christmas came to Wendy's Place!

wendy said...

well, it would look better than it currently does, but I have run out of room in my picassa storage. So now I have to pay for pictures. Oh well, can't have a blog without pictures, now can we? So after tomorrow, it should be a little more sparkly.

Kellie said...

Hahahaha! That made me literally lol!