Monday, November 19, 2012

ya. i'm one of those people that make my dog wear a birthday hat.

I mean, you only turn one once. Right? And besides, your mom would make you wear one too if you were this cute.
Wilson had a birthday today. He started it off with a little shake, rattle, and roll. A 3.2 earthquake 12 miles underneath Portland at 6:15 am. I didn't feel it, but maybe he did. {For the record, I have not felt one single earthquake in my 8.5 years here.}

where's my birthday cookies? {side note: perhaps you noticed that the cd tower in the background of the picture below has been turned around. said birthday pup has been pulling cd cases off for a tasty snack. he doesn't actually eat them, he just chews them into a million pieces. Well, I fixed that.}
 birthday dunce cap shot. . .
 get this cotton-pickin' thing off me. . .
 it's my party and I'll stare if I want to. especially if cookies are involved.
 the birthday boy with his birthday bone. . . a pork femur, in case you were wondering.
Seven years old in people years and still acting like a toddler.


Luci Smith said...

Great bad it rained hard on his birthday and he could not go to the dog park. We have not been back since I went with you. Poor Mika is so neglected lately. Love the hat. Did he eat it?

Kellie said...

We put a hat on Molly when she turned one... and took pictures! lol!! Love that he is so loved by y'all!