Thursday, December 6, 2012


listening to a jazzy Crystal Lewis Christmas CD.
eating nothing.
drinking water.
wearing pj's. 
feeling like things just need to work out for a change. this is getting old.
wanting to snuggle with my new baby niece. she was born Nov. 16th. her name is Ramona (Mona for short). she is my brother's third child.
needing a job. full time with benefits would be nice. I'm beginning to think those don't exist anymore.
thinking about my mom's popcorn balls. I hope she sends me some.
enjoying the class I'm subbing in today and tomorrow. 2nd-3rd grade at a school I taught at previously. today made me really miss teaching.
wishing my tree would suddenly decorate itself. although I have to say, I could totally just go with lights and the angel this year. less stuff for the dog to eat.

hating how they make Barbies now. what's up with the weird looking arm and leg joints?
wondering who we'll get Christmas cards from this year. I haven't mailed any in two years, so we've probably been cut from a few lists :(
creating someone a super cute birthday project (stolen idea from pinterest).
procrastinating on clearing off the dining room table. it's covered in scrap crap.
enjoying seeing the neighbors' lights.
pondering a simpler Christmas simply because it has to be that way this year.
loving Wilson's reindeer antlers. (I'm out of picasa space, so there will be no pictures until I pay the fine folks at google.)
anticipating the 3rd annual Christmas cookie exchange here on Sunday afternoon. I think I'm making almond roca this year. I know, technically not a cookie, but delicious none-the-less.


Luci Smith said...

Are you subbing at Crossroads? Lucky. You are still on my prayer list for a job. My kitchen table is covered with Christmas decor. I took advantage of the girls being gone last Friday and went through all the ornaments and decorations and took out the ones that are not appropriate this year. NOW I have to do something with the ones on the table. I do not like decorating and this was always Paul's job. SIGH....wish I could just skip it all. SIGH. BUT, this weekend I am taking the girls out to the tree farm and I am cutting them down a tree and hauling it to the may be a small tree....but by golly I am going to show them it can be done with out a man. This could be an interesting weekend.
I need to get Mika some of those antler ears. He probably would like that better then the dresses and bows the girls put on him.
Miss you and so sorry I am missing this Sunday. This has been a long week....sigh.
Praying for you always.

Kellie said...

Still praying for that job. Our Christmas decorations were more simple this year, too. It did not bother me one bit. :)