Saturday, October 20, 2012

happy. not so happy.

Happy - hot tea like 2 or 3 times a day.

Not so happy - walking the dog in the rain. not fun on so many levels.

Happy - compliment on my pink sweater yesterday by someone I don't know.

Not so happy - the dust that takes over this house.

Happy - comfy new yoga pants. and i don't even do yoga.

Not so happy - the redundancy of job applications.

Happy - scrapping Christmas 2011. not quite a December Daily, but it's turning out pretty cute. pictures to come.

Not so happy - muddy floors.

Happy - the new and improved Gresham Craft Warehouse. goodbye Borders. Hello Craft Warehouse. so much paper. so little time.

Not so happy - Wilson destroyed my Bible. shredded it into a million pieces.

Happy - fall scented Yankee candles. autumn wreath is my favorite.

Not so happy - Wilson destroyed my stick pumpkin. shredded it into a million pieces. looked like a bird's nest on the floor in the family room.

Happy - texts from Dad.

Not so happy - the price of meat at the grocery store.

Happy - good news at the pharmacy that's saving me a chunk of change.

Not so happy - making sympathy cards.

Happy - pumpkin milkshakes are finally back at Burgerville. i will get one this week.

Not so happy - turning on the heat today. i just couldn't stand the cold any longer. plus, i was wet from walking the dog in the rain.

Happy - hi! you've reached the aunt wendy homework hotline. how may i help you?

Not so happy - politics 24/7. ready for it to be over.

Happy - reading blog comments.


Luci Smith said...

What a good dog mommy you are for walking your dog. Mika has been stuck home for a couple of weeks. Hoping to get him one today. Hmmm...Wilson should be coming out of that chewing stage soon I think.
I love your makes me HAPPY.

Kellie said...

I am happy to know so many things that make you happy!! :) So sorry about your Bible and the pumpkin.... :( I hope your day is less rainy today and that you are smiling. Maybe you should post a pic of your pink sweater so we can ALL compliment you. :)

Luci Smith said...

NOT SO HAPPY. Okay going to kind of vent here and I know I already commented....but this makes me unhappy. You would by FAR have been a better choice then the 2nd grade teacher they hired. SIGH. I have been in the classroom a few times I would say.....oh Wendy is a much better teacher. SIGH. is just not right.

bmarquez said...

Happy to read your blog!