Tuesday, October 16, 2012

project life: april/may

Back with another project life update. I think I have ADD sometimes because these little pockets are taking me way too long to get done. But I'm still working on it. . . howbeit ever so slowly.
I have already completed most of April (see my last post) and I did a week in the life in April as well, so all we have left is Easter. It makes April slightly out of order, but I'm ok with that. I decided to make an 8X10 collage of the paparazzi pictures from our self-timer shots. I didn't like how it looked in an 8.5X11 protector, so I decided to put it on a 12X12 page and pretty it up. These pictures were all just too funny to not include somehow. (We didn't know our camera would take up to 10 timed shots, so when the camera kept going things just got hysterical.) And besides, it preserves the memory of Phil wearing his Jesus tie to church for yet another Easter for all time. Thus the cheesy title which is my least favorite part of this page. What I do like about it is that I used up some purple Creative Memories letter stickers I've had for-e-ver.
The back side of that page is still empty. It will probably stay that way unless I can figure out something real cute to put on there. Right now, I got nothin'.

Moving right along to May where the orange/green/blue theme is going strong. This is also the very first time in my scrapping career I've ever used a button on a layout. I am so behind the times. May was all about getting stuff planted around here in our new home. . .
and then there was that peksy little nose injury.
We went to a Portland Timbers soccer game with Phil's work and I found one of our ticket stubs. Usually I collect these things right away. I guess I'm a slacker. I journaled how I want a Timbers scarf for Christmas so I can be like the rest of the crazy Timbers Army. Craziest fans ever.
May also included Teacher Appreciation week. I saved a Starbucks card from a student and trimmed it down for one of the 3X4 pockets. I also saved a card with a wonderful note from a parent thanking me for teaching her daughter to read in the bottom corner. That note totally made my year.
With the rickrack, button, ribbon, and gift card, this page is a little bulky. Not sure how well the protector will hold up with it all. I guess we shall see.

One thing I've noticed is that I need to get on the ball taking more pictures of us. And I need to hand the camera over to the hubs and let him take pictures of me. Despite the lack of people pictures, this is still really fun to flip through and remember what's happened.

I'm linking up with the Mom Creative today for Project Life Tuesday. Thanks for stopping by.


Kerry M. said...

Great layout!

Is that "For-e-ver" the kind of forever like in Sandlot? The kind where urf comes out along with the "-ver"?

Cerise said...

I love the layout. Yay for using up stuff in your stash!! Poor pup. We sat for a yippie little terrier once and my pup had cuts all over his face by the end of it. Awful dog.