Thursday, August 30, 2012

around here

around here somebody's been getting themself in trouble. a lot. this is just one small example. (and that's exactly how he was laying when i walked in the kitchen. he knew he was gonna get it.) if ever there was a dog with sad puppy dog eyes. . .

around here we've been getting to know the local hummingbirds. they hang out in the big pine tree in our backyard and buzz around phil's head when he's watering. even though i feed them, they like him better. that is true.

around here somebody has a birthday tomorrow. and it's not me and it's not the dog. you do the math.

around here the garden is mostly doing well. the spinach and lettuce are pretty much done, the peppers are trying to make a comback, but the rest of it is doing great. you'll also notice we added a cheap fence. that's to keep out the trouble maker who ate practically all the strawberries. (see picture #1)
around here these are pretty much an every day occurence. you know it's summer when you no longer have to buy tomatoes at the grocery. our tomato plants are huge, by the way. the bigger tomatoes are just starting to ripen.
around here we tried something new for dinner. it was divine. go, no run, to your grocery store now and buy a packet of this seasoning. my mouth is watering just thinking of it. it uses chicken and fresh tomatoes coated with this seasoning and olive oil, baked together in the oven, then mixed in with pasta. i am in love with this stuff.
around here i am nursing a war wound from our afternoon at the river. this is why they put 'friendly reminders' on the informational packet that comes with the retractable dog leash. you definitely don't want to be in the way when your 60 pound lab which happens to be attached to said retractable (but extended at the moment) leash is chasing a little yippy dog on the beach. this is major leash burn, people. it happened on saturday and as of yesterday i still couldn't wear pants. and every time i bend or extend my knee i am in so much pain i can hardly think straight. fortunately the people at neosporin will have job security for a little while cause i'm keeping them in business.
around here the job market sucks. sometimes you're lucky enough to get called for an interview, most of the time they don't even bother responding. then people who do interview you say they'll call and then don't (it happened twice to me this week) so you're left to your own devices with screaming and flailing of arms. it's not good for the ol' moral. i am so sick and tired of filling out applications it's not even funny. my plan b was to sub, but the district i live in is no longer accepting applications for subs. i don't like to be a whiner, but i'm having a real tough time. (and that's an understatement.) please pray for me.

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Kellie said...

Hugs girl.... that leash burn looks wicked! Hope it has healed now. I really pray the Lord leads you to the right job soon!