Wednesday, August 29, 2012

monday afternoon

Phil505 had Monday off. He's been working lots of extra shifts on Mondays so this was a nice break. He whisked me away to the Swan Island Dahlia Festival down in Canby. We went there a couple years ago, and I've blogged about it before, but I don't mind repeat visits to this place and I hope you don't either. The dahlias are so pretty. Granted, a few varieties look like funeral flowers, definitely not my favorites, but the majority of them are bold and beautiful. Some of them were bigger around than a paper plate. There are so many variations in colors, even on the same plant.

 The bees were happy.

 I thought this half & half pink one was pretty cool.
We marked our favorites in the little book and maybe next spring we'll get a few tubers to fill up some empty spots in our yard.


Braintree said...

gorgeous pictures!

Braintree said...

it's a good thing I'm not being graded on CAPTCHA. I'd get a big "F" today. If I could read it.