Sunday, June 10, 2012

notes to random people (that I met while shopping at Fred Meyer)

background info:
On Friday I had to get a few things at the store before I went to pick up Wilson at the vet. I was just strolling through, with about a half hour to kill. I get to the end of the aisle by the eggs and this poor 65ish year old woman is bawling her eyes out to two Freddy employees. She had just realized that her purse had been stolen from her cart. "I don't even have any money to pay for this stuff in my cart!" I felt so bad for her and subsequently made sure I had a tight grip on my purse.

Dear Creep Who Stole This Poor Woman's Purse,
You need to go get a job and quit stealing old ladies' purses. Or any lady's purse for that matter. You should be ashamed of yourself. I hope they got you on camera in aisle 11 over by the tomatoes so you can rot in jail.
a concerned shopper

more background info:
After I left the scene of the crime, I continued on with my shopping. A few minutes later a hispanic man came up to me with a can of hairspray in his hand and wanted to know if this "is for my hair?" I told him yes, it was hairspray and it would hold his hair in place. He said, "Muchas gracias. . . bonita." And then he reached up and touched my hair. Ewww.

Dear Creep Who Touched My Hair,
Keep your hands to yourself. I am not your wife nor your girlfriend. I belong to Phil505. He's my knight in shining armor and if you ever do that again, he will kick you clear into next week.
the blonde on aisle 13


Luci Smith said...

Um....that is very very interesting. Scary interesting. Did you check it the hair toucher had any purses in his cart. WOW.....your blog makes me laugh.

bmarquez said...

You sound a lot tougher than the Wendy I know. This must be side I've never seen.

Kellie said...

Well... THAT was an experience for sure! You just never know what you'll see or be exposed to when you go grocery shopping... lol :)

Braintree said...

Oh dear me! That's almost as bad as total strangers touching your belly when you're pregnant.

The cart-purse-snatching happened to my mother-in-law, too! One person asked her where to find something while the other one nabbed and ran. I always clip mine with the child safety snap in the seat of the cart and keep one hand on it.